Dangerous Temper

1907 Words

“Trust?” Sveta fixated her eyes on Zax. “You searched me to share a burden of trust?” “Among other things”. Zax replied. “The before I answer you, riddle me this… Are you the one who destroyed the Double Edge's Sanctum manor of General Donumb from the Sword Army and Lieutenant General Mudum from the Blessed Army?” “Yes”. Zax said with a straight face. “I see… I had my doubts at first, but now it seems that must congratulate you. Congratulations for becoming one of the youngest Heavenly Immortals in the First Valley”. Zax did not thank her. He had no interest in felicitations or sense that she was not entirely candid. “Did you come here looking for revenge?” Sveta changed the subject, carefully asking. Since Zax was able to swiftly erase the Double Edge's Sanctum manor and escape with

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