Hunting Maze Pit

1759 Words

“The vile vermin frantically scattered. Time to pluck them off the ground”. Inside the two storeys tall tower, Guard Chou Ferk relaxed on his recliner and inhaled from his nostrils. ‘Delicious!’ His complexion flushed. He was tempted to lick his lips, but restrained himself like he did instead of speaking aloud. The woman was detestable, but the scent of Head Guard Umber’s perfume still lingered on the backseat and armrest, even though it was more than a year since she sat there. It was really something that Martial Mortals had to compose themselves; otherwise they will lose their bearings. Guard Chou Ferk several times gave in to the temptation and was smart to not show it, before renting a room in some tavern in the souks, where it was safe to relieve himself. His eyes trained on t

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