Separating For Solutions

2047 Words

“We are two months away from the one year period allocated to the project, Sailair”. Zechariah chased him in a hasty walk and at the front, Sailair, with a troubled look, paid the entrance fee to the souk and rushed inside. Everything was wrong, ever since the beginning of the excavation, from the output of Ever Pure Solid to the concentration of the soil, to the proximity to tunnels No. 38 and No.39. Sailair encountered one hurdle after another and from his perspective the chief accomplice for this series of unfortunate events is none other than the man he took as subordinate after he found the six identical pieces of Ever Pure Solid. “I know, I know, Zechariah! What do you want me to say? That it would be fine? That we’ll get by, somehow? Maybe, but for now all of this is just talks an

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