Distant But United

1887 Words

‘If I’ll let myself be devoured, they will reach a compromise as to who shall become the Celestial Immortal. If I won’t, then neither would agree to let me be one of the two Infernals. And as far as having a regular Evolutionary Ascension, those two will never dream of disappointing Morien and The Almighty, even before they will put yours and mother’s expectations into consideration!’ The Princess Of Veiher irascibly imputed as thunder and purple lightning rampaged in her Inner Panorama. Iven silently watched and contemplated. She actually made him feel perturbed. He was on the verge of asking if, by her meaning, the one personality to remain will return to be the original, yet he hurried to bury it in his heart, fearing of implying something he should not. ‘And the other thing that mad

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