This Is My Demand

3377 Words

“BINJO DERNELDAR, SHOW YOUR f*****g FACE!” The words exploded in the air. If someone had ears he or she would hear the words kilometer away from Zax. If someone was deaf than the vibration caused by the sound wave would pique his or her attention from a fairly long distance as well. CREAK! Innumerable high pitch sounds reverberated as glass windows shattered to tiny pieces by the sound wave. Zax’s roar was clear and tremendous and in no time everyone in the school became aware of his presence. “Brother, you made too much of a mess! The Disciplinary Class will definitely arrive. Arr… the six of us are going back now. Good luck, brother”. Barnard and the five other youths were supposed to keep guard and accept those who had the authorization to enter the school in current hours. They f

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