Dealing With The School Principal

3157 Words

Eden Formation’s principal frowned at Zax’s threat. “Don’t overreach, boy, accept my invitation. Let’s go to my office”. “Fifty seconds!” Zax growled. Reminiscing over the scar on Anet’s back, it was not about killing Binjo and his brother anymore, he wanted to inflict pain on all who should have taken responsibility instead of letting Anet suffer at home. “Principal Ram, is that truly a human boy?” The vice principal asked behind her back. With the appearance of the school’s head and the short time that passed he managed to hone himself up to the frightening killing intent. He felt it, he was wary of it, but he rose up with his pride as a Core Master of Eden Formation. “Vice principal Mizuri, this one is very special. My Soul Sense detected his level of cultivation… this boy’s Qi chann

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