Leaving For A Short While

3765 Words

Panting, Zax stared back at the two. Oddly enough, the outburst and exhaustion cleanse his mind from the overbearing rage, and from his physical state he could tell that not much energy was left for him to fight, much less to use the Kinetic Force a second time. ‘Topple the building… How pathetic I am’. Vexed, Zax scorned himself for being audacious when he could not back his words. If the matter did not concern Anet, he would have also felt humiliated. But since the mortification done to Anet was far more infuriating than his misplaced vanity, he could not feel an ounce of a self absorbed emotion like humiliation. Gripping his amputated shoulder, Zax began to assess the situation, what he can do and what he should do. ‘This is too one sided… Being at the sixth gate alone is not enough!

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