On The Harbor

1809 Words

In a luxurious room, four men and two women sat on three sofas or stood around a low, rectangle table. They were well dressed and not very young. A bald man with glasses, in his seventies, rested his palms on a black cane while his back was slightly bent as he sat on the middle sofa, next to another man and a woman of apparently the same age. “According to the reports, it can only be the Huermand”. The bald man in the center slowly said in a raspy voice. “The Investigation Department still rummaging through the wreckage, but it is clear no Green Shui Shui Elite Fighter is capable of such power. I propose to send a Dema Shui Shui Elite Fighter to induct the search”. “I oppose. A Dema Shui Shui Elite Fighter is too vital for the headquarters, especially now… imagine what will happen if t

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