Kindel’s Sharp Deductive Abilities

1880 Words

“Gui Dus can read my minds?” Zax inquired, skeptically. ‘What is up with him?’ Boijent had a foreboding feeling. She was used to Zax’s severe treatment toward her and was aware that was more than it in him, just not for her, yet seeing him resort to playing ignorant was out of her expectations. ‘If that is his desire, then I’ll go along with it’. She did not dare to do otherwise, anyway. “Gui Dus can do a lot more than read minds”. She joined in on the conversation, a tad “enthusiastically”. “I explained to you about Shui Shui Elite Fighters… While we possess exceptional physical capabilities, Gui Dus have brilliant mental aptitudes that can only be classified as ‘Supernatural’”. “We don’t need to be excessive”, Kindel pitched in, gesturing for the two to precede him for a place to sit

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