2530 Words

“Argh! I… kill them I’LL… Argh! Kill them!” Inside a crater of over two kilometers in diameter, the formerly cloaked woman struggled in pain and ashen countenance on three limbs, as the left side of her torso was messed. Caught off guard by the last mist attack, her clothes were mostly obliterated, leaving her half naked, bleeding nonstop and, now at the aftermath, striving to better her posture. “Darvaj- Argh! Darvajka, help me, DARVAJKA!” Her communication device apparently broke in the fight. Mist energy amplifying her voice and rage suppressing the pain, she yelled and let loose a wave of flames that rose to the night sky. “Where? Argh! Where, dammit, is it?!” Her vision was blurry. With her one working hand she searched her left hand and on the ground, to no avail. “Where is my ri

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