Opportunity Within The Folktale

2542 Words

Vouvik was hesitant to answer. He figured Zax would not be satisfied with forfeiting the assignment just like that. He sighed. Yes, the lad had hid from them a depth that he cannot fathom. However, as a mercenary and also a junior, it was still accurate to categorize him as “Greenhorn”, even if not outloud. “To decipher this type of chips you need an A class processor. I used the violet stone in the communicator to bypass the encryption, as much of it as I could”. Shouva replied. The communicator… Zax learned about the device on his journey with the party. Only Fengar and Vouvik had ones. Apparently, they are not uncommon, but good ones with proper range to work outside of cities or clans are extremely rare and expensive. The mentioned violet stone… yes, it was just the same as Laivie

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