Rakmon Penitentiary

1774 Words

Year 5820 of New Earth’s colander. Zax is forty five years old, looks over sixty, assume by the Kon Juya Constabulary to be a few millenniums old, feels like a corpse. Not that any of it mattered. … U Plain, Rakmon Penitentiary Star. The Lunar Splitter halted before the planet that was thousands of times larger than Ercas Mir. Its composition, as well as that of the entire humongous Plain, was governed by a far more complex set of natural laws, then those of the Milky Way Plain. The door to the incarceration vault opened for the second time since Zax was confined to it. A one star Constable, without saying a word, used her elemental energy to force him to faint and carry him out. After Zax, the Constable proceeded to another vault and another, along five more Constables who were tas

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