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The miserable group felt the full wrath in the venomous tone of the short haired woman. It was not deriving from hate or Immortal’s loftiness toward a bunch of mortals. It was much simpler than that, less personal, as well as degrading… “C ranked prisoners are the bottom of the barrel, scratch that, they are the mud squashed by the wet, rotting bottom of the barrel!” She abusively yelled. “To you, I’m Head Guard Umber, but you won’t be calling my name, you won’t even refer to me by status. This would be our very first introduction and last interaction, all to make it clear for you what you are, where you came and what I want!” Head Guard Umber pointed back, to the grand crevasse that now more resembled a pit straight to hell. "Home". One word, said in a certain manner, expressed abundan

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