Landing On Heydom Star

1866 Words

“Well done!” The nightmarish beast commented outloud. The gold and silver crane gave another resonating cry, flaunting its dominance. “Hahaha, louder! Louder! Let all the puny ones know the superiority of a Youyue!” The nightmarish beast roared in delight, as both of their auras erupted. The crane gave one long note of a cry that lasted four minutes. Closing its beak, it lowered its head with a shiny luster in its eyes. “Mortal Enlightenment state”. The crane spoke, his voice brimming with self gratification. “My Evolutionary Ascension, I can vaguely sense it. In about two months it should arrive”. “Only two months? That is half the time I’m waiting”. The nightmarish beast lifted its brows, somehow disgruntled. “You benefited more than me…” “I benefited more than you”. The crane nodd

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