Satisfactory Potential Heir

2235 Words

“Elder sister Beking, per the agreement with the General of the Armies, for our service, you and I will receive a year, each, to study the Godly Law Template. The fourth level Martial Mortals beneath us will get a month and third level Martial Mortals, only those who arrived with us to this planet, depends on the understanding of their attribute, will have to make a collective choice of either studying the Godly Law Template together for a week or separately for a day”. Admiral Hamumni recapped. “Yes, what about it? Mentioning this before finding the Godly Law Template is irrelevant. If, because of anything that can be perceived as incompetence on our side, one of the other Immortals will end up obtaining the Godly Law Template, then we’ll get severely punished”. “I’m well aware, but wit

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