Dorte And Largor

1927 Words

Year 7775, January 1, New Earth’s calendar. A bawling Star emitted glistering, multicolored rays of worldly elemental energies, as it underwent a very slow process of recovering its position as a Core Star. Unlike its previous assimilation of the Plain’s essence, this time it did not have a source it could draw upon to accelerate its reformation while keeping it stabilized. Unless a powerful Neonate or a treasure with immense energy would be sacrificed, nobody could deduce when intelligence life with a potential for the Martial path will emerge again in this desolate, backwater Milky Way Plain. … Faruk's Horizon Plain, Solar System Maindoch, Faras Star. In a hot and humid flat, white gold desert. “Good, boy, good. Brush gently, Euker. Remove the White Sand from the cracks. Excellent

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