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Voltic Star. “Hahaha, congratulations Kitanoriya!” “How marvelous… Didn’t you earn big time, Kitanoriya, huhuhu”. “Allow me to congratulate you in the name of the Okalf clan, Kitanoriya”. “Kitanoriya…!” The first four voices put on a happy façade, while the fifth genuinely expressed its discontent. “Henceforth”, opening her eye she slowly uttered. “I won’t be known as General or Fiend or Violat Star!” Her voice grew fervent, conclusive as she self proclaimed. “I. Am.  Purple! Plain! King! Kitanoriya!” She howled with a burst of brown and purple aura, even though she only achieved Stage Two, becoming a Semi Plain King. “Purple Plain King!” Left General Herculion and Right Fiend Megaron Immediately recognized and bowed their heads in veneration. “Arise”. Purple Plain King Kitanoriya

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