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"Go… Escape…" Zax hoarsely said as blood trickled from his lips and nose. His condition was so terrible; he could not even give a proper mental command. The Three Directions Crown swirled uncontrollably. All sorts of lights blinked in the cockpit. It took almost a second for it to reply, ‘Defensive shield is up. Attempting reboot of all essential systems. Re launching in five, four, three…’ Zax was too disoriented to hear the artificial intelligence and its reboot too slow, for before it even replied, Yehor Doumantus’s spherical spacecraft caught up to it and the Neonate Immortal emerged with one loud intent… “Cause a Change!” His speaking jewel flickered with bright, blue flashes. A vibration shook the worldly icy element energy and a temporary fundamental transformation transpired i

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