Taking It On The Little People

1861 Words

Four of the seven were too small to accommodate a group of survivors, whilst Lior and Salmog swore in Genuine Intent to protect the New Earth’s humans and beast, so they, too, could not be in them. As for the other three… Since neither Lior nor Salmog replied to his direct transmission, Zax contacted all three spaceships’ main decks. ‘Commanders of the spaceships I’m speaking to, I’m the Infernal who wrecked Voltic Star. Unless you’ll reply to my inquiry in the next five seconds, I give you my word in Genuine Intent that I’ll s*******r you all’. Yes, he cared for the New Earth’s humans and beasts. No, they were not as crucial to his resurfacing whim as killing as many of Voltic Star’s runaways. Furthermore, he was not so free to lusciously find out in which spaceships they are while Yeh

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