Zax’s Expertise

2402 Words

With the help of his Soul Sense, Zax detected the Gray Lords approaching, riding on horse like Deformed Beings. At first, he was taken aback. There were a little over two hundred riders, of which only three were at the Core Master realm while the horse type Deformed Beings all had one, pale scale at the back of their necks, a sign that they can only grow to the Peak of the first realm. This meant that the Gray Lords possessed more than two hundred potential Peak Mist Lord steeds! Zax found it hard to believe that three Core Masters can manage this many strong Deformed Beings, and indeed, after his Soul Sense examination he discovered that he was correct. Scrutinizing the body of the horse Deformed Beings, Zax saw that each of their Pure Cores had a blemish, they were all damaged beyond

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