His First Time

3219 Words

Zax banged his punches against the white and silver mantle of the canines’ formation. He threw tens of kicks and punches since the canines retreated to contain him until reinforcement will arrive. BANG! The mist energy of the canines depleted faster after his attacks and the wave of energy did not have the power anymore the shove Zax back. “Hold!” The wolf boss commanded the members of his pack. “Boss, this is too insane!” One of the canines responded. “Boss, is that boy truly a human?” Another asked. “It’s beyond what I heard about body refinement techniques!” “Of course it is!” The wolf boss answered. “This human trains in the most powerful body refinement technique! Now, enough talks! Conserve for the formation!” BANG! Just as the boss wolf finished talking, Zax follow up kick

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