Kill Or Be Killed

2756 Words

Blood splattered and littered the ground around the body of the bright skin man. On the way to his big sister’s Master’s cave and on his journey to the Savage Cave, Zax did not hunt for food. Valgarel had more than enough fruits trees and with his Soul Sense it was not a problem to find them. Therefore, the consternated Zax could only watch at his first kill, a human kill, with a rigid expression on his face. In his sea of consciousness the internal warfare reached a cessation, but the mental state of savagery was an inseparable part of anyone who ventured into the Savage Caves, regardless of how much the imposing force of the caves affected him or her. Inside the bubble of savagery that contained Zax’s sea of consciousness, his soul throbbed like a pulsating heart, immersed in the passi

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