Senior Sister And Junior Brother

1779 Words

Taking a step back by years and centuries… seven hundred and seventy two years, actually, before Zax arrived to the queer Faruk's Horizon Plain, Solar System Maindoch, Faras Star. The solitary figure of a man, seemingly at his early twenties, with long black hair in a ponytail and vibrant green eyes was sitting on a mound of iron and steel, overlooking a distant, bright district below a multi colored sky. His bare back was stooped and on his folded knees rested a sheathed blade two meters long and thin, same as his height and frame. There was a certain air about him of loneliness and deep resolve. For hours he retained the same posture in the same place, only now and then he gently caressed the red sheath of his sword. “There you are, Junior brother”. A womanly voice called and a gorg

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