The Origin Of The Hatred - Part One

3135 Words

Eight days have gone by in a blink of an eye for Zax. After breaking through the Mist Lord level with his soul, with Laivien urging him, he continued to look for more bottlenecks of insight within the pieces of spiritual knowledge. In those eight days, Zax did not form large combinations, only kept working on small ones of three to five pieces. After such combination was done, Zax inspected it, hoping to find more specks of light. As luck would have it, eight days were either not enough, or Zax’s subliminal mind possessed only the one bottleneck of insight he already comprehended. Inside the violet stone. “Little Zax, come out. Big brother has almost arrived”. Laivien voice resounded within the pitch black world. … This way of communication was something Zax learned about before he s

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