The Origin Of The Hatred - Part Two

2018 Words

“So Grandmaster had this kind of past… As a prisoner of the Black Horns tribe’s two leaders…” Zax said in a sober tone. His gaze was directed forward, confronted with the wild vista of Valgarel, which generally was to his liking, but in this moment, as his eyes gauged the path ahead, his face wore a cold expression. “I’ve told you about it already. To both of us, since childhood, big brother was a figure of undisputed significance!  From being our Master, our bond grew and transformed. Kartion to little sister became a spouse, and to me became a big brother”. “What I did not mention was that a bit earlier before little sister and big brother confessed their feeling, big brother’s name had already risen to prominence as a genius talent. Knowing that big brother was part of the Black Horns

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