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Since birth, Anastasia Cray has experienced hell in their pack. She was mistreated and abused by her family and even her pack members. When she met Alpha Benjamin Jones, she thought she would be happy and run her hellish life, but it turns out that her dreamy life with her mate wouldn't come true when Alpha Benjamin cheated on her with her twin sister, Hailey.

Anastasia wanted to reject Alpha Benjamin, but because of fear, she accepted the fate that she thought the moon goddess planned for her. She continued her mating ceremony even though Alpha Benjamin betrayed her. Still, she never thought she would get hurt when the Lycan King came to their mating ceremony and asked Alpha Benjamin to reject her for Hailey's sake.

Benjamin rejected Anastasia, and the worst part, she would be one of his s*x slaves who would help him conceive his successor.

What will happen to Anastasia once she stays with the Lycan King's home? What will happen to her once she finds out she is the chosen woman who will conceive his child?

Will Anastasia get her revenge on Benjamin and Hailey? What will Anatasia do once she finds out why the Lycan King chooses her to be the mother of his future child?


Revenge and Curse Series

Book 1: Rejected for the Lycan King

Book 2: Captive by the Ruthless Lycan King

Book 3: Trapped with the Hearthless Alpha King

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Chapter 1: Rejected
“Ohh! s**t!” My eyes formed in tears when I heard how my twin sister cursed loudly. My lips trembled when I finally discovered the man she f****d, and it was my mate. My heart was clenching, and it felt like someone had stabbed me a million times. All this time, they were cheating on me behind my back, and I was unaware of that. Hailey spread her legs wider while Benjamin was wrecking her hole. She was moaning so loud, and I knew she purposely did this to make me see that Benjamin cheated on me and that she could take everything I had. “Benjamin, your c**k is too hard. Oh, my baby! Come inside me!” Hailey screamed when Benjamin did what she asked for, which made me want to puke because of how disgusting they were. My hands were shaking, and my wolf was howling in pain because our mate had decided to betray us. Well, I wanted to cry because I didn't even know that Benjamin could do this to me. We've been lovers since we found out that we were fated mates since college. He was my knight in shining armor; he always protected me whenever someone was bullying me since we were studying. “Oh my! Benjamin, it's so good!” My wolf was so mad that she even called my twin several names. She called Hailey a b***h, and even cursed her for stealing our mate; I want to be angry; I want to throw everything that I could hold on and throw it to them. “B-Benjamin,” I called my mate's name, and I noticed that he stopped stroking my sister's cunt, and quickly hid his nakedness from me. I laughed painfully because he was stupid that he dared to cover himself when I watched him f****d my sister like a pervert. Benjamin betrayed me, and it f*****g hurt that I wanted to smack and slap his face. I liked it, but I couldn't even do it because I knew that I should be grateful to him that he accepted me as his mate. “Ana, what are you doing here? I thought you were too busy choosing a gown that you needed for our mating ceremony.” I chuckle while my eyes from tears slowly fall down my cheeks. I gritted my teeth when I didn't even see that he felt guilty for cheating on me. Hailey covered her body, and there was a smirk on her lips. It looks like she was too proud that she seduced my mate and had s*x with her. I didn't understand why she always did this to me; I always treated her with love even though she was furious and hated me for no reason. I don't understand why she was wasting her time to hurt me if, from the very start, she was the one who was loved and treasured by our parents. “You don't need to worry, baby! I know that my father will believe in us.” Hailey said, arched her brow at me and even pursed her lips that she was slapping me the truth. She was correct; I knew that once I told everything to our parents, they would choose Hailey over me. “She is too weak to stand for herself, and I know Anastasia will choose to continue the mating ceremony. She is always like that; she is a desperate b***h!” Hailey laughed so loud and didn't even mind putting on her clothes in front of me. My tears continued flowing down, and I felt that my eyes were hurt at the same time as my heart. I watched how my sister planted a kiss on Benjamin's lips before she left us with a grin on her lips. She was so pleased that she saw me suffering and hurt simultaneously. How could she endure that her twin was hurt? I wished I could do the same too. Benjamin stared at me blankly as if he was waiting for me to nag and curse him. I was panting, and I couldn't breathe properly anymore. I never thought that he would hurt me more profoundly than those who abuse me. My parents treated me with special care when they discovered that I am mated to the great Benjamin Jones. He was respectable, and I am thankful that he made me feel respected for a short time. I swallowed. I felt that there was a lump in my throat. “I don't want to have this upcoming mating ceremony anymore.” “You don't have any right to reject me; are you aware of that? Ana, aren't you thankful that because of me, you aren't bullied and mocked anymore?” I sobbed when I felt how hurtful his words were. If he liked my sister, he could be with her as long as he wanted. “Do you want me to tell your parents that you rejected me? Do you still want to experience how they hurt you physically?” Benjamin added. Yeah, he was right. “I am commanding you to continue the mating ceremony, or else you will be like those rogues that I killed.” My lips trembled when Benjamin walked towards me; I stepped away, so he rushed towards me and grabbed my waist. I tried to push him away from me, but he was too persistent not to make me free from his grip. “You will be the Luna of this pack. Do you understand me? Or do you want me to make you remember what I am ordering? You forgot that I want you to be a good woman.” Benjamin clenched his teeth; he pulled my hair, and I winced when I felt my scalp itching in pain. I closed my eyes, and he smirked when he noticed how scared I was because of him. “Answer me, Ana.” My body was shaking, and my breathing was so heavy that I felt I would lose consciousness. “Answer me, damn it!” He yelled that he almost spit on my face. “Good girl. You did the right thing, or else I'll punish you on my bed.” He lightly slapped my cheek, glanced at my bed, and turned his eyes to me. “Clean the mess; you will be my wife, so you must clean my mess whenever I f****d someone else.” Benjamin left me without any remorse on his face. I quickly obeyed him like a child who her father scolded. I bit my lips to prevent myself from creating a sound. I don't want them to see that they both successfully hurt me. I don't want them to be happy that they would witness how I cried for what they had done to me. I don't want to continue the mating ceremony anymore, but I'm scared because I know they would call me a great disappointment to our pack. I don't want to see their dissatisfied faces whenever I do something they wouldn't like me to do. “Anastasia, come here! Your gown is here, and it's beautiful.” I glanced at my mother when I saw the gown she had chosen for me. I felt the bitterness on my tongue when I saw how excited she was for me. My eyes formed tears, and it was a surprise that I still had tears because, since the moment that Benjamin cheated on me, I didn't stop crying. It felt like I didn't have someone to hold on to since Benjamin wasn't entirely mine, to begin with. “M-Mommy, is it okay with you if I don't want this mating ceremony anymore?” My voice broke when I saw how irritated my mother was. She widened her eyes at me, and I knew she was trying her best to treat me better. She grabbed me hard, and I winced in pain when I felt her long nails on my skin. “Anastasia, you must be thankful that a man will accept a weak like you. Did you think that there is a man who would take you if you reject Alpha Benjamin?” My mother's words were too harsh, and it looked like she didn't even mind if I broke my heart. Yeah, how could I ever forget that I am the weak and worthless daughter that she had? “M-Mommy, I caught Benjamin cheating on me.” I shrieked in pain when she held my chin with force and glared at me. Her eyes were so sharp that I almost stopped breathing in fear. “So?” My mouth hung open in disbelief when I saw how my mother wasn't affected by my mate cheating on me. “You are the most worthless child I ever had, so you should endure how he would treat you. Consider yourself lucky because he marked you.” I wished that I didn't even tell her about it since she didn't even feel wrong about me. Instead of comforting me, she blamed me for Benjamin's actions. My jaw clenched in a fury, and I tried to push her away from me, but she slapped me. I fell on the floor. “You are such a b***h, Anastasia. Did you think that I didn't know about it? I know that he is cheating on you with Hailey. It would help if you were grateful that Hailey sacrificed her happiness to make you happy. You're such an ungrateful child.” She grabbed me and forced me to wear the gown she had chosen. I realized that the gown she chose for me was for Hailey and not mine. I couldn't believe my mother tolerated my sister's actions; how could she let Hailey sleep with my mate? And how could Benjamin sleep with my sister? “Make her stunning; I don't want the guests to see how ugly she is.” My mother ordered the woman who was watching me. The woman nodded, and I bowed my head when my mother left me hurt. I glanced at my reflection in the mirror, and I saw the woman who was walking toward me. Was she going to hurt me? I jerked when I saw her hands raised; I closed my eyes. I knew that she would hit me as everybody did. But minutes passed, and I didn't even feel hands landing on my cheek. When I opened my eyes, she sighed. “I am not going to hurt you.” She whispered, which made me cry in agony. “Let's start putting some makeup on you; the guests may see that your mother hurt you,” she added. I saw all of the guest's expressions, and I know they didn't like to come to the mating ceremony if it were not for Alpha Benjamin. Of course, I know it. They mocked me because I didn't deserve a respectable man to be my mate. They were right, and I wanted to get a rope and hang myself in front of them. When they saw Benjamin walking toward me, they all changed their expression. Benjamin looked good in his white suit. If I didn't know that Benjamin cheated on me, I might be the happiest woman. He glimpsed at me, and I looked away when I saw Hailey's evil smirk. My heart was pounding so fast that I almost felt I had a cardiac arrest. Benjamin stops in front of me. He held my hand with gentleness, and I knew he was acting in front of everyone. The mating ceremony began, and my hands started to shake. I don't want to continue this anymore. I don't want to be mated with someone like him; I couldn't. “Anastasia Cray, do you take Benjamin Jones as your fated mate?” My mouth trembled, and I felt that I had swallowed my tongue. I tried to hide the pain when Benjamin held my hands tightly. It feels like he was threatening me to agree. “I-” I gulped, tears slowly forming in my eyes. Benjamin darkly glanced at me, and I was about to push him when we all heard a loud shout. There were a lot of men coming inside the hall, and I stepped back when I saw a man who had golden hair and blue-paired eyes. My heart was racing when he glimpsed at me, and a smirk passed on his lips. What is happening? “Kill them. I want their heads.” The man who had golden hair roared. “Lycan! What did we do? We are all here to witness the mating ceremony of Alpha Benjamin.” All the guests started to panic when the men came toward them and prepared their swords. My eyes expanded, and I was about to shout when the Lycan grabbed Hailey and pointed his sword at her neck. “Ahh–” Hailey screamed. “Hailey!” Benjamin shouted and ran to my sister. All the guests were shocked when they saw how worried Alpha Benjamin was about my sister. “Oh, it looks like the most respectable Alpha Benjamin has dirty clothes in his closet.” The Lycan sarcastically said. He laughed hard and even pulled Hailey's hair. Benjamin tried to come closer to the Lycan, but he stopped when he saw that the Lycan wouldn't think twice about hurting Hailey. “No! What do you want from us?” “Are you trying to negotiate with me, Alpha Benjamin?” The Lycan mocked him. I couldn't stop myself from moving closer to them. “I can give you whatever you want; don't hurt her. She's pregnant with my child.” I was about to hold Benjamin when I heard his words. It feels like my world stopped spinning. How could he get my sister pregnant? Does it mean that he f****d her several times? When I turned to my parents, they weren't surprised at all, and it told me that they all knew that Hailey was pregnant with Benjamin's child. The Lycan glared at Benjamin. I was stunned when he glanced at me and looked at me from head to toe. “I want her. Reject her, and I will not hurt your bitch.” The Lycan answered. His blue-paired eyes made me swallow. It felt like he was slowly entering my body which made my wolf submit to him. “I-I can do that. Don't hurt Hailey, or else we might lose our child.” Benjamin agreed. I stepped back, and I wished that I could turn back the time that I didn't even know him. I hoped that I could slap myself when I was happy with him. “I am Benjamin Jones, the Alpha of the Red Moon Pack; I rejected you, Anastasia Jones, as my mate.” I cried in grief when I felt a powerful force tearing my heart, and I fell to the floor. I accidentally saw Benjamin's face, and I saw a slight sadness in his eyes. I clenched my teeth as my wolf started to mourn that our mate had rejected us. I heard Hailey's cry, and I stopped crying when I felt hands carrying me. It's the Lycan. “This woman is my property. She is mine, so anyone who tries to hurt her will face my madness. I am the only one who can hurt her. She is my playmate.” The Lycan announced; he took me, and I saw Benjamin trying to get me, but the men pointed their swords at him. Benjamin, I swear that once I come back here alive. I will do everything to kill you, I will make sure that you will regret rejecting me for the sake of Hailey!

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