I am the Light - His last Redemption (Book 2)


“Bring her back to me!” I say, but nothing happens. She stays still in my arms. The Goddess has claimed her life. Claimed her powers back. She took everything from me.

I can feel something within me break. The part of my soul that was hers is gone. Replaced by that darkness I have fought all my life. I can feel it creeping in through the cracks. Taking over that empty space in my chest. Filling me with rage and anger.

I glare up at the sky. Tears stinging my eyes. This will be the first and the last time I shed these desperate tears. They are not for the Goddess. They are not to beg her to get Mika back to me anymore, because I know she doesn’t care. She never did. But I will let her hear my agonized scream. Let her know I am out for blood. I am coming for her! One way or another I will make her pay for this!


It's been two years since Nate lost his mate, his love, his light. With Mika gone, the rogue alpha king is nothing more than a shadow: one of many that threatens to cover the world.

They said the return of the Moon Goddess would herald a time of change, but no one suspected that change would be a creeping, everlasting darkness.

As hunters turn their attention to newer and more dangerous predators, the darkness of the world creeps into Nate like a disease, turning him into a predator that even predators fear. Each time he shifts, the poison of his grief spreads, destroying the man that he was and leaving the Nighshadow behind.

But something lingers on the horizon, for even in the darkest phase of the moon, the stars shine bright. A child's voice, a whispering call holding the promise of light flooding his soul again.

Will the darkness in the Nightshadow blot it out? Or will Nate find the strength to let those promises guide him home?

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Prologue - Rage
AN// Before you start the story I want to say Hi, to all of you who are coming back for the Sequel to I AM THE NIGHT. A lot is going to happen in this book and I hope you are just as excited as I am. For those of you who are new... you probably could read this as a stand-alone, but some things might be strange to you. So if you want the whole experience check out book 1 "I am the Night - The last She-Wolf". That's it. Have fun, let me know what you are thinking and I really hope you love this one as much as the first =) *** Black paws hit the ground running. Snow has melted into rivers and the trees are starting to bloom again. Everything is turning from grey to green, while my soul remains black and empty.     My nostrils are flaring as I follow the rotten scent of the rogue Alpha who took everything from me. My mate.     The only thing that keeps my heart beating right now is the promise I made to her. At least half of it. She asked me not to give into the darkness that has been simmering in my chest. I can’t do that though. Without her light, I have given into it. I need it to finally get my revenge.      The darkness is a tempting evil in my heart and it is growing stronger. I can feel its forbidden magic growing more potent with every passing day. If I could bring myself to care I would ask myself how I managed to suppress it all those years.     The answer is easy and just as painful. I was the man she needed me to be because she was the light, I needed her to guide me out of the dark. But with her gone, I don’t see any reason to be anyone else than who I am supposed to be. I am born with this feeling in my gut that I don’t have a place among normal wolves. I am a Rogue, and I will always be one. A lone wolf in a changing world.    The Goddess has been gone for a very long time. So long that we forgot what she was capable of. We learned to live without her magic, but now that it’s back I can feel the world changing. Her powers were trapped for years. Trapped inside the body of an innocent girl.     A girl who sacrificed her life in order to save mine. She gave up her life because the man I am chasing forced her to do it when he decided to attack our city. Selencity used to be peaceful. It used to be a sanctuary for every creature who sought shelter where humans and wolves lived together in peace.     Gideon, the Rogue Alpha brought war to our borders. He killed my Alpha. The man I was proud to call my father even though he wasn’t my biological father. No. Gideon is and I hold him responsible for every bad thing that happened in my life.     First, he drove my mother into madness. His pack and his vampires killed half of the city I used to call my home. They slaughtered my Alpha and finally, he forced my mate to surrender her life in order to end the war.     But it didn’t end there. The damage was done. The wounds were too great to heal. The city and our packs are broken. I am broken and there is only one thing that remains. My only mission is to find Gideon and make him pay for what he has done. I will tear him apart limb by limb.      Besides the King, the last royal descendent of the first wolf, Gideon is one of the strongest wolves that walk the earth. But the difference between us is that I have nothing left to lose. My rage makes me stronger. Fuels the darkness that feeds me with new and dangerous power.     But power always comes at a price. It demands sacrifice. It always does. You have to give back what you take. You will pay.     Gideon never cared. He spilled blood just for his own pleasure. He liked it and it gave him what he craved the most. His darkness made him a feared leader. It made him evil beyond reason. Now it’s my turn.     Dead soil crunches dangerously under my paws as I chase my prey. I know I am catching up to him. Last time he escaped me. He send in his wolves to save his life. All of them died brutally. I didn’t even hesitate when they attacked. I wanted to harm them. I wanted to spill their blood.     I enjoyed the feeling of my teeth sinking into their soft flesh. I reveled in the sound of it tearing from their bones. Their whining and whimpering only drove me wilder. I was driven by my blood lust, and I knew no mercy. Not anymore. A wolf like me only seeks revenge and he doesn’t care what he has to do to get it.     Ironic how I am becoming the one thing that I despised all my life.     But why fight it anymore? I have lost everything that made my life worth living. My city is broken, my Alpha is dead, and my mate sacrificed herself in order to save my life. She shouldn’t have done that. It should have been me! I should have died protecting her. I failed her. I’ve failed my pack and ultimately, I have failed myself.     I shouldn’t have been given a mate in the first place. I never deserved it. I am not the kind of Alpha who should lead a pack. My need to kill him only proves that point.     “Have faith!” A soft voice whispers into my mind. I hate her. I hate that sound and the reminder it holds. Faith. I have never been big on it because the Goddess left me with no choice but to be the worst version of myself. I blame her and I am not in a forgiving mood. 

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