enimies to lovers

Harper was known to be the abomination of the pack. She was the product of a drunken one night stand which happened outside the sacred mate bond.

When she gets mated to the Alpha’s triplet sons who had hated her ever since they set eyes on her, they rejected her in front of the entire pack which made her the center of everyone’s mockery.

Her life changes overnight, and her mother gets mated to the Alpha King. She is made to stay under the same roof with her rejected mates who were hellbent on making her life miserable.

With their mate attraction still alive, will she be able to resist them, or would she get sucked into the dark, yet pleasurable life of the sexy triplets?

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Chapter 1
“Happy birthday,” I whispered to myself, glancing at the clock as it struck midnight. I was eighteen. I waited for the excitement to settle in, but I felt nothing. Just the empty everlasting numbness in my chest. I sighed before I turned back to the other side of the bed, glancing at my mother that was sleeping on the other side of the bed. My name is Harper. Just plain Harper with no middle or last name, because I was a bastard. My mother gave birth to me as a result of a drunken one-night stand. I was an abomination to the pack and everyone never failed to remind me of that. Especially the triplets that were the sons of the Alpha of my pack. The Meadows triplets. I liked to call them the triple inferno because ever since I was young, hell was all that they showed me both in school and in the pack house where I lived part time as a maid. I had attempted to run away and sometimes even kill myself but then I remember my mother and I stop. Even though she was the reason I was going through all of this, she was still a remarkably good mother and it wouldn’t be fair if I left her all alone. She was facing her own share of pain in the pack. She was exiled and brought back to the pack out of pity when the Alpha died, and his son took over as the current Alpha now. He saved our lives and was nicer to us than the rest of the Omegas. He gave us a job in the pack house, which was shocking because an abomination like us was not supposed to live anywhere near the pack. “Harper!” I heard someone whisper my name, and my senses immediately heightened. I was confused at first, then rolled my eyes when I realized that it was one of the triplets. Their voices sounded the same to me. They looked so much alike that I used to confuse them but as time went on, I started to differentiate them with the looks on their faces. Atlas was the crown prince of the pack. I recognized him because of his scent which is different from the rest of the triplets because he was an Alpha. He also behaved differently. He had an aristocratic aura surrounding him unlike the rest of his brothers. Adonis was the second triplet. I couldn’t say that he liked me, but he was the most lenient out of the three of them. He still disliked me, but not as much as the rest of them did. He mostly just stood in the corner while the both of them bullied me, and stopped them when I started to cry in pain. I liked him the most out of the three. He still bullied me at home whenever he got the chance to, but he never hurt me. The last triplet was Damon. He was a psychopath. All of the scars on my body were as a result of him beating me with his whip that he kept just for torturing Omegas. He hated our rank, and I always wondered why. Every Omega feared him and stayed out of his lane but somehow, we still seemed to piss him off. “Harper!” The voice growled this time, so I rolled off my bed and headed towards the door. I wondered why he didn’t barge in and just whipped me until I woke like they usually did. When I stepped out, I focused my sight in the dark and saw Damon standing at the entrance of my room. There was a scowl on his face as he eyed me from head to toe, then shook his head. “You just manage to always look pathetic, Harper. It is beginning to become your damn personality. Not even the moon can save the treachery that is your ugly face.” He scoffed. His words didn’t hurt me. I was used to them. He couldn’t go a day without insulting my face, which I knew wasn’t as bad as he said. I had wavy blonde hair, and my eyes were as blue as the sky. If I was a Beta like him, I was sure he would grovel at my knees for my attention. “What do you want?” I asked, trying to keep my tone as respectful as possible. “I want water. Go and get some for me.” He smirked. I frowned, but then nodded. He was closer to the kitchen than I was since it was along the hallway to my room. But what could I do, he was my boss and there were consequences if I decided to disobey him. “Okay,” I answered before I headed towards the kitchen. Once I got there, I brought out a glass from the cabinet and got water from the water dispenser, then turned around and headed back. When I got to my room, I realized that he wasn’t there. He had gone back to his room which is on the fifth floor. Asshole. I frowned before I started to walk up the stairs. I was f*******n from using the elevator because of reasons unknown to me. Just another example of the Meadows triplets being wicked to me for no damn reason. When I got to the floor where their room was, I pushed the door open and found them all lying on their individual beds. They were all half-dressed, and the first thing I noticed on them were their abs. They were all well-built, especially Atlas who spent most of his time training because he was the future Alpha. He had a tattoo on his chest, and that made me swallow hard. He was attractive. Very attractive. I knew that if he caught me ogling, he was probably going to make me do all of his laundry out of spite, so I quickly looked away. I headed towards Damon’s bed and stretched my hand towards him. “Your water,” I said, still panting from having to climb those stairs just to get to their room. “Why couldn’t you bring a bottle of water you retard? How will I know if you spiked my water or not?” In my defense, I tried to explain to him how he asked me a few days ago to bring him water in a cup instead of a bottle but he cut me off before I could speak. “I just wonder who the unfortunate person is that would get mated to you later today.” He scoffed, snatching the water from my hands. “What?” I raised my brow, confused as to why he said that. “Oh, she doesn’t know?” Atlas mumbled in a scornful tone. “What don’t I know?” I asked, genuinely confused as to why they were mentioning my mate to me. “Is today not your birthday?” Damon asked. I bit my lip. How did he know about my birthday? “Well, dumbass. We are all going to have our mating ceremony tonight because you are the last person to turn eighteen in the pack. Just like everything in your life, you are always at the bottom. Sucks to be you, Harper one-night-stand.” He snarled, his words laced with venom. My heart started to pace, not at the insult but at the thought of knowing that I was going to be mated tomorrow. It scared me to the core. Who was going to mate with me, when I was literally the laughing stock of the pack? What would I do even if I got mated to someone and they found out my biggest secret that my mother and I have hid from the rest of the pack for years? Anyways, I knew only a loser would accept me as his mate. Even within the losers, I knew I only had the chance to get accepted by an older wolf who just wants a child. “Well, I am not ready to get mated now. Y’all can have your mate, or mates in peace.” I gave them a kind smile, before I whirled my heels and headed towards the door to the room. I couldn’t stay in the room any longer because I might accidentally insult one of them, which would lead me to getting whipped at this late hour. It certainly wasn’t how I wanted to remember my eighteenth birthday. “Everyone wants a mate, don’t be stupid Harper. You are just scared you will be rejected and live the rest of your life lonely just like your sad pathetic mother. Guess it runs in the genes, huh?” Damon voiced out before I was out of the room. His brothers turned to look at him sharply. That was harsh, and it hurt. It wasn’t the worst thing he had said to me, but it hit me hard when he mentioned my mother. Nothing he had ever said ever got to me this way, and the painful part was that I couldn’t say anything back to him. I swallowed the insults that I wanted to spit out at him before I left the room, trying hard to not let the tears in my eyes slip as I descended the stairs. I was going to leave this pack because I was sure I will get rejected by whoever my mate was. Since I was eighteen now, I would be accepted into another pack. My mother just had to agree with it because I couldn’t spend the rest of my life here, with the triplets abusing me at any chance they get. I didn’t have a life here. I needed to start a brand new one where I could start afresh without anyone treating me like an abomination. When I got to my bed, I laid down and took a deep breath in. Tears started to cascade down my cheek. Happy birthday to me. I closed my eyes and made a wish, even though I didn’t have a candle to blow out. It was the same old wish I asked for every night of my birthday. To have someone that would want and love me without treating me differently just because I was born outside the sacred mate bond.

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