Why Can't I Remember

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Layla A month away from my eighteenth birthday; I should be happy because I would finally be able to find my mate. But the only thing I could think about was finding out who I was, where I came from and who are my parents. Carmen set beside me by the lake going on about her plans for my birthday. Her words fell on deaf ears; wasn't paying attention to her. I am busy being lost in my thoughts. Being under the full light at midnight always made me feel at peace and energized. At the same time, I can't explain it but it tends to clear my mind. My wolf Calista, always knew what to say to cheer me up and would tell me our time would come but for how long would I have to wait? [Calista] Layla we will find your parents one day I promise. [Layla] How; we have no information or memory that would lead us to them, it's hopeless. [Calista] I can't explain it Layla, but I could feel it we will find out where we came from; however it will get worse before it gets better. [Layla] What are you talking about and how can you know Carmen, snap me out of my conversation with my wolf. She asked me where did I go and I just explained to her I was in a deep conversation with my wolf. Carmen had to go home before she got into even deeper trouble for being out so late..... I told her I would see her later. It has been hard for me to remember what happened to me before I was run down and attacked by rogues. I try so hard every day to remember anything something. Alpha Lucas, told me many times that I've been through a lot and sometimes it will take longer for me to remember bits and pieces of what happened to me. The Alpha even took the time to research to see what pack I might have come from or what pack might have lost a member or even a rogue attack. But I'm not sure if he got anywhere with that he got sick and I wasn't allowed to visit him as ordered by Luna Sophie. What I could remember was a woman with silver hair like me told me that I must run and hide to get away; I can't remember her face just the silver hair and her voice. I didn't want to go, and I didn't want to leave her but she told me I must survive to secure the future but I have no idea what that meant. For a while I hid in the bushes; I couldn't see anything because it was so dark but I heard screams, footsteps all around, and crying. I finally ran when I heard a voice close to me; I'm not sure if they saw me or not but I just kept running. I didn't know how long I was running for I just knew I had to run. That's when I heard noises coming from behind me; so I picked up my pace and kept going but my body was getting so tired. I wouldn't be able to outrun them and that's when I noticed it was rogues after me. My body finally gave up on me and I collapsed on the ground. The last thing I saw was rogues approaching me and then darkness took over. I woke up in a place I didn't recognize and a little girl sitting in a chair by my bedside; I would find out to be Carmen. The nurse told me that I had been in a coma for two months and most of my cuts and bruises healed up; found out later that I lost some of my memories. I big man stepped into my hospital room... I was scared and told him please don't hurt me but he said that he was Alpha Lucas, of the Shadow Moon Pack. I would never hurt you, Alpha Lucas. After a week the hospital finally released me but I had nowhere to go or knew if I would be allowed to stay with the pack. The Alpha came and got me and told me not to worry; that he had a place for me to stay which was the pack orphanage. Once I was settled the Alpha wanted to introduce me to the pack officially. So he took me to the pack house to meet his family but the Luna couldn't meet me; I guess she was too busy. I went to sit in the Alpha office while Alpha Lucas finished up his business, but that's when I heard a knock at the door and the Alpha told them to come in. I kept my head down; fearing to take a look at the person's face. I heard walking then the Alpha, called my name and I quickly got up. The Alph introduced me to his older son Derek, and I replied hello. But he wasn't that nice so I just apologized because I didn't want him to hate me like the other kids at the orphanage. Derek had hazelnut eyes with jet black hair that was long and silky and a strong jawline and his body was muscular, tall, and toned. He is so handsome; I never looked at a boy this way before but he would never see me that way. The Alpha, accepted me into his pack and even let me train among the other children but that didn't go on so we'll because of how different I am. Once I turned thirteen I got my wolf Calista, and she is so amazing. I Celebrate my birthday with Carmen and her family. The Alpha wanted to come but he hasn't been feeling well lately, I hope he gets better soon. The Gamma family loves me being around but Carmen's brother Luke, never says much around me. I'm not too sure if he cares for me much. What have I done so wrong to make everyone dislike me so much? After my birthday I decided to start work and a position was available at the pack house as a maid. I needed to earn my keep even though the Alpha said I didn't need to. The following year Alpha Lucas, passed away and Derek, became the new Alpha at eighteen. Ever since Alpha Lucas, died I've been treated worse in a pack. The Luna Mother Sophie, ordered me to move into the pack house so I would be available whenever she needed me. Which wasn't a good thing for me; Luna Sophia, gave me a closet near the kitchen as a bedroom and only supplied me with old clothing. The years passed and I learned to stay quiet and keep my head down or I would be punished. I wanted to run away from here to start my search for my family since Alpha Lucas passed away but I stayed because of Carmen. Maybe things will get better after I find my mate.
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