The Billionaire's Secret Lover

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LGBT+ Secret Lover Writing Contest

33 year old waitress by day and stripper by night, Isabella Mackams' world unexpectedly blends with the life of 27 year old politician billionaire Zahara Lusaka.

A silly mistake connects the two and little do they know that it will connect them in the most deepest way.

As their unplanned love grows while they get to know each other, Isabella is keeping a lof of secrets about her life and what she does to protect Zahara.

When the two finally decide to take the next step in their relationship, all hell breaks loose. Can their relationship survive all that's about to hit them.. Or are they just two different people who should have had fun and agree never see each other again?

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Chapter One - The Bitch
"Table 3...table 3... Could you take this to table three.." I sighed, "You only have to say it once you know.. Not a thousand times.." Lucas sighed and stopped moving plates around him to give me his full attention. He smiled, "Could you please take these two plates to table three miss Mackams...?" I knew he was being a b***h by being sarcastic, but I smiled right back at him and took the tray, "With pleasure Mr Lucas..." He handed me the tray before rolling his eyes, not even caring if I was looking at him or not.. I too it, shook my head and then headed outside the kitchen. Even though it gave me a decent living working here, sometimes I hated my job, if I didn't have to deal with awful customers, it was definitely my colleagues with their mood swings.. Like there was hardly a day where I'd leave work without anyone stressing me out or getting under my nerve. I slowly went to where people were and headed to table three to give them their order. I put on my A game face on, smiled and put down the plates, "here is your food.. Will you need anything else?" The guy shook his head but the lady nodded, "Yeah I'd like to get another drink please.. Bring a whole bottle of red wine.. Could you leave with this glass and bring a clean one?" I looked at the one she pointed at on the table, it had a small amount of red wine in it. Bloody rich people, I could use with that glass of wine. I nodded my head, "Yes ma'am." I took the tray, put the glass on it and then turned to leave. I couldn't wait to get out of here. I needed to see my mother before my night shift. I turned around and immediately ran into someone. I watched slowly as the wine glass flew and hit her. I closed my eyes and she spoke in the most sexiest voice ever, "What the hell!! Can't you watch where you're going?" I opened my eyes to look at her and saw that she was wearing a black suit with a white blouse. The red wine that was left in the glass made a huge stain there. God.. She looked so proper and had two guys walking besides her... Were they bodyguards or watch dogs? Was she famous? I mean I have seen her face somewhere but I couldn't remember exactly where? "Oh my God I am so so sorry ma'am.." I said quickly trying to lift my hand towards her chest but the guys immediately stopped me. They looked like they were ready to kill me. "Oh my God my Shirt. I have a meeting in 20 minutes and I look like I was out in a party having the time of my life." she said making me laugh internally. Her accent was so beautiful and mermerizing. I suddenly wanted her to speak for long. I knew I heard it before but I couldn't put my finger on where exactly.. Was it on radio? Maybe on TV? Was she an actress? God now I wished I was giving more attention to whatever stupid soapies were playing on TV. I moved back a bit, "I'm sorry ma'am.. I didn't see you.. Um... Look I have a shirt. I can borrow you if you don't mind..it's not as expensive as your blouse though." She looked taken back by my suggestion, she furrowed her brow a bit before sighing, "Yours ?" I looked at myself and then back at her. She looked expensive and smelled so nice.. She was definitely famous. I regretted not knowing who she was now. "Yeah .. I can help you put it on.. You'll look even more beautiful I promise.." I blurted out without even thinking. God my mouth. "Or we can go buy you a new shirt ma'am. It's no problem at all.." one of her watch dogs, I mean bodyguards said giving me an eye and emphasizing the New part. I internally rolled my eyes. Why was he being a bitch..? She sighed and looked at her wrist watch, "Umh .. No it's okay, I have 12 minutes now, you won't make it back in time.. I can't mess up this meeting.. So I will take hers." I smiled a bit, "Thank you ma'am.. Please follow me." She did so with her watch dogs behind me. I wondered why they weren't walking in front of her when they came my way because that wine would have been on them and not her. They were bad at their jobs. If they were protecting her and I was holding a knife, she'd be dead by now. I shook my head as I reached my locker and tried to keep my mind here with them and not think about killing a beautiful woman. I gave these guys an eye coz they got too close to me, way too close I couldn't even open my locker. "Guys do you mind? How the hell am I supposed to open my locker with you hovering over me like I'm about to take out my gun and kill you both..?" They looked at each other before going back a little bit. I opened my locker and took out my work shirt. We wore black and white here and always had incidents with food. So I made sure to bring extra shirts for myself. I couldn't serve customers in a dirty shirt. I took it out of the hanger and turned around, "Here ma'am. You can try this on.." These guys took it and looked at it. I rolled my eyes, "It doesn't have poison or guns guys relax.. She has 5 minutes now.." They turned around and gave the shirt to her and waited. "Woow .. So you watch her dress up too?" I blurted out without even thinking. Again, they looked at each other and then they left the locker. I was left alone with her and she looked irritated or something. I felt bad so I apologized again, "I'm so sorry about this." She took off her jacket and I held it. When she held the hem of her blouse I forced myself to look away. I somehow stupidly wanted to look at her and see more of her skin. But I stopped my mind and turned around slowly. There was no point in dreaming about her, she was definitely unreachable and wouldn't even think about me twice. She started dressing up," You can turn around now." I did and found her in my shirt. She looked so cute but it was a bit big since I was taller than her. I smiled and walked closer to her, "Can I?" She nodded, "Sure .." I tucked in the shirt well on her waist and I definitely confirmed how great she smelled, like some flowers full of strawberries. She smelled so sweet I didn't want to be away from her. I smiled even more, "You smell so good." She gave me a raised brow, "What?" "You smell really good.. And expensive.." "Ooookay ...???" she said and pulled away from me. I lifted both my hands up, "Sorry ma'am." I gave her the jacket back and she put it on. I smiled at her, "See .. You look beautiful as ever and brand new now thanks to my shirt.. " She rolled her eyes, "You really let your mouth run don't you?" I put my hands on my mouth quickly.. And yes she was telling the truth. I really never knew when to stop talking.. And if something hit my mind it was out of my mouth within a second. So I was a bad person to tell a secret to. She turned around, "Boys .!! I've wasted enough time.. Let's go.." She didn't even look back. She walked out and went straight to the inside of the restaurant. Woow, celebrities are really bitches. I believed that now. I mean how many times should a person apologize for a stupid red wine incident. Wine that happened to fall on a white blouse. God.. I needed to wash that blouse that she left. I put it in my locker and then went out to the kitchen. "Good of you to join us miss Mackams.. I heard about the wine thing... Really? Miss Lusaka.. Of all people you bathed her with red wine? Are you blind?" I couldn't deal with Lucas and his tantrums right now. I turned around and asked for a bottle of red wine then headed out to give it to table three as they asked. I turned around and saw that my table had people. They were all dressed up fancy. I smiled and made my way to them. I was definitely going to get a fat tip there today. I arrived at the table there were some men and a few women. As my eyes traveled around the table they landed on the beautiful black girl I ran into earlier. Lucas said she was miss Lusaka or something.. Whoever that was. She must be really important for him to b***h around to me like that. I gave them my famous beautiful smile, "Good day ladies and gentlemen.. My name is Isabella and I will be your waitress for today... So if you need anything I'll be at your service.. Can I get you anything at the moment ?" "Umh can I..." one of the three women who were there said but Miss Lusaka stopped her, "Could you please ask for a different waitress..." I was taken back and I looked at her shocked, "Excuse me... what ma'am?" "Get us another waitress... Or your manager.." I tried to stay as calm as I could and not tell her to f**k off. It was just wine and she was fine and clean for this stupid meeting.. Why was she being like this? I needed to serve this table or else I wasn't going to make my rent this month. " Ma'am .. With all due respect. I apologized for what happened and umh... This is my table.. So I have to take care of it.. Please.. I need this.." "Get us another waitress.. Or call your manager.. Unless you want to be jobless..?" She sounded ice cold. Like she actually didn't care if I lost my job or not. I wanted to throw a tantrum but losing my job was going to set me back.. Way back. So I swallowed all the bad words I had in my head and let out a small, 'b***h ' in between my lips before faking a smile, "As you wish... Ma'am.." Then I turned around and went out for a smoke... Screw her and another waitress...Fuck this day and it wasn't even over.

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