When Oliver , sees the lovely Hazel under a full moon, he can not control himself. Oliver ends up biting Hazel. Though the bite, Oliver binds Hazel to him. Immediately after the incident, Hazel runs to her room and heads back home.

Oliver has never met anyone like Hazal and knows he probably will never meet anyone like her again. Oliver follows Hazel. Can he convince Hazel that she does belong with him?


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Hazel vowed never to set foot in London again. So that they can stay away from lichens in the future. She slowly made his way to the window of her room she wiped it with the palm of her hand and stared outside. It was a night with Wild scenery where she saw wolves and them. In the light of the moon, she saw all Lycans together and was well acquainted with them, Her sister Elsa was married to the Lycan family, They were just the Westfield family. Most of the time, on the silver nights of each month, Wu walked on four feet. Those dreams weren't disturbing, she was quite used to them. But long-lasting.But long-lasting. There was a wild wolf around the edges of his dreams. she saw a golden-haired wolf in the herd, This golden wolf started looking at her and she knew what mischief she was going to do. she had started looking at the forest from day one, They Couldn't tell others what she saw, or was in danger of affecting the future. And that She did not want to disrupt the natural order of events. She locked herself in a room because she didn't break a rule and didn't want to be full. She did not step out the door. And opened it just for her to eat. He wished many times. Something to help her spend time. The speed at which she was walking.They. Long ago, Duke's Obenson wore a hole in the carpet. That thought made. Her smile. Hazel closed her eyes tightly and tried to win the vision of the Westfield Wolves. In his mind. He breathed a sigh of relief when he realized he was Al. Well, the danger was gone, and she was free to go. Its creation. None of them return until the sun rises in the sky. The property was empty except for him and a servant who fell silent. wake up. No one knows if he secretly gave his silk wrapper. Get down and retrieve your book while everyone is away. Maybe then that. May try to get a few hours of sleep. He passed the chamber door and quietly opened it. Barefoot, he put the donkey. Along the aisle and down the main stairs. That last place. Remember that his book was read by the Duke. Can Hazel turned the corner into a dark study and paused. standing. Behind the Duke's desk was a tall man he had just met. Most of it Hidden in the shadows, but his face was bright with moonlight that filtered. Curtains. He was a blonde Adonis, tall and thin. A vague memory of it, Probably a glimpse of him. A small sigh came out of her throat as she turned her eyes to Amber. "I'm sorry. I wasn't there at the time." He turned to go. "Don't go," he said. Then he closed his eyes tightly and took a deep breath. "You Was there anything needed in the study of Blackmore? " "Yeah, I left a book here yesterday when I came to find his grace." They He looked around the room, though he didn't see it immediately. Copy of Riya Edge "Maybe I left it in the library." Maybe i My legs will take me away from this room as soon as I should. "Having trouble sleeping?" He asked, his accent surprisingly familiar. As though He had known her all his life. "Yeah. Sometimes, I can get ideas out of my head." Why did he tell her? That? He probably didn't care to hear how his thoughts were playing in his mind. Day and night, restraining him. He walked around the table and tied a hip over it. Her hips were tight. Shoulder wide. Stop moving the man's body, Kate. Her eyes watered. To him, it was as if he knew there was a secret. He closed his eyes and tried to get one. His vision, to tell him who he is. But he had a brain. Empty, which was more than annoying. Was his mind empty? This has never happened before. "I can tell you the future," he said, gasping for breath. "Forgive me?" He raised his eyebrows at her. "Ah, I have a book," he said with a smile, hoping he'd be sure he didn't have one. Care in the world. She was carrying a small leather book. On the table behind him. It wasn't his, but he has to. Before she could turn, he reached out and grabbed her by the waist. They He couldn't even breathe because it pushed his body against her. his I stopped breathing "What are you?" He started, but he covered his mouth tightly with his own, his lips. Instant He should not leave a man he has never met before taking such liberties. But it smells good. Ed is great. liked it a lot. Tasted great Her tongue rose to meet him as a gust of joy came out of her throat. His heart He bowed his head and deepened the kiss Hazel had been kissed before, but never. Never so well. I can't think straight so skillfully that his legs are threatened. The buckle was never so strong that he could sink into it. A tug on her hair sank into her consciousness. He turned his head back Looked into her eyes. He tugged gently, guiding his head until it tilted. Side, exposing his neck. She jumped up as her lips cleared her wings Lighten the side of his jaw when he kissed her neck. He built the bridge. By placing his hand on the shoulder of her wrapper and night rail until they open. Look at it. She trembled. When he reached the point where her neck met his shoulder, he sucked her. Tender spot and then handled it gently. It was the sexiest thing she had ever experienced. Light-headed, he heard an escape from his throat. More. Please do more. He disposed of it again, then opened his mouth through the wide and open skin. From his shoulder, he was immediately shaken by the haze of emotion. "Oh!" She cried and slapped him on the shoulder. "It is painful!" The biting pain broke from the lust-soaked area of ​​her brain, which she wanted. Never knew, and he hit her again. For a moment, he. One cold winter night it was kept warmer than fire. Next, he was. Raising his hand to his throat to assess the puncture wound he had made. On his shoulder. He slapped her on the chest. "Why did you bite me, you big fool?" He asked her Rubbed the wound, dubbing on a small amount of blood from the bite. And looking at it "I didn't mean to" he began. But she did not let him understand when she turned around and ran away from the study. '' come back. "He said quietly. She heard it, but she ran down the aisle. And as fast as his feet will carry him up the stairs. Hazel knocked on her room door, threw the little leather book on the bed, and. Running towards the mirror, leaving his shoulder, he assessed the wound, which It looked like a crescent-shaped bite mark, the same shape as his mouth. Blast it! He had cut it. And for the rest of her life, she couldn't figure out why. Well, she wasn't going to live around Westfield Hall and she wasn't letting any other guests go. The Duke spoke to him even if he looked and smelled like a Greek god. Positively delicious, such as outdoor and citric shaving lotion is rolled together. They were immoral English swine, many of them, and she recruited them. Hazel's cheeks flared as she remembered that she was standing so close to the man in the study. She behaved like a normal troll. It was just another. Explain the reason for going to burgh as soon as possible. He was obvious. He is losing his mind. She was always proud of her compliments, despite her attitude. There was a severe lack of study. The man was very mysterious. In its base For years, she has never met anyone whose future, immediate or otherwise, It didn't occur to him that the blonde Adonis was like a blank page. She didn't write anything on it. She couldn't accuse herself of being curious, did she? The bite on his shoulder burned a little, and he was full of a fresh wave. Jealousy She had already stayed in London longer than she had planned. This It was time to go home.

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