Chapter 3 Phishing

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The pair of eyes watching him belonged to a lady. Not only that. It was a stunningly beautiful lady, whose curvy body was wrapped in a fashionable outfit. Anyone who saw her would associate her with a ripe juicy peach which was giving out an attractive fragrance. While she was watching Marlow secretly, some other men who happened to visit the cemetery were watching her greedily too. A few slick guys, who could be categorized as successful young men, while paying respect to the people lying underground, were wondering what line they used could have the biggest odds of hooking up with her. In fact, that lady wasn’t an innocent teenager anymore. But look at her seemingly unostentatious Givenchy suite of limited edition and her wristwatch, whose worth could enable the ordinary people to buy an average apartment with two bedrooms in the downtown area, her social status was self-evident. Of course, this kind of challenge wouldn’t scare away the aspiring young men. After all, who dares wins. If it was on other occasions, Dara Austin would deliberately make some sexy postures to tantalize that bunch of beasts and leave them when they were burning with desire. But now her mind was on somewhere else and she wasn’t bothered by the lustful glance. She was shocked that she had finally seen Marlow Williams. Dara was Marlow’s classmate in high school. She was the princess among the girls in the high school they went to. This princess fell in love with the poor boy Marlow the first time she laid her eyes on him. However, her passion wasn’t rewarded. Marlow had another girl in his heart. So Dara had to keep that feeling to herself. After graduation, she had never seen him anymore. She heard that he joined the army. Later, she got some news about him at a high school reunion. A classmate said that he had left Starlake City after his mother’s funeral and hadn’t come back again. But that was four years ago. She learned the location of his parents’ grave second-hand or third-hand, as everything comes to the person who waits. Since then, she came here to clean the grave every now and then. She believed that Marlow would come back one day. And she was sure that he would definitely come to see his parents when he came back. When Marlow walked into her field of vision just now, her first reaction was to go up and say hello to him. However, just after she took the first step, she stopped immediately. She started to feel that she wasn’t good enough for him. At the same time, she heard a voice inside her mind urging her, “Be brave. What should you be afraid of? You are worth billions.” When she just nerved herself to go ahead, another voice sounded in her mind, “Well, how did your family get the billions? Do you really not have any idea about it? You are inviting humiliation if you go to him.” So she flinched again. Until Marlow left the cemetery, Dara still couldn’t muster up enough courage to go to speak to him. She could only stamp her foot and blame herself for being a coward as she watched his back disappear in the distance. … When Marlow just got out of the taxi and walked a few feet, a young voice snapped from his back, “Stop!” He was shocked for an instance. He turned back and the word that came to his mind was massive. Size 36D. Indeed, it was gigantic, absolutely a lethal weapon to deal with all men in the world. Given Marlow’s character, he should have at least whistled when he saw such masterwork of God. But he didn’t. It wasn’t because she was ugly. This luscious lady was a famous pretty policewoman. Seeing Marlow stand still and look back, the policewoman shouted to him, “Quick! Catch that guy for me!” As she was both pretty and voluptuous, Marlow’s attention was all on her. Only when she gave him the order did he see the man who was running towards him. It was a young man no more than twenty years old, holding a lady’s purse and bolting this way madly. Obviously, the policewoman was chasing a thief. A typical scene from movies. At this moment, the thief had already run close to Marlow. Seeing him blocking his way, the thief took out a flick knife from his pocket and waved at Marlow. “Get out of my way!” Marlow sneered and lifted his leg to give him a kick. The thief was thrown back about ten feet away, landed near the feet of the big-boobs policewoman who arrived panting.  “Where can you go now? Get up! I’m exhausted,” snapped the policewoman as she took off the handcuff attached to the waist of her uniform. She grabbed the wrists of the thief and cuffed them behind his back. Marlow came up to them, his eyes fixing on the policewoman’s lethal weapon.  “Thank you, Mister. It’s…What are you looking at?” Marlow pointed at the jumbo globes under the uniform and asked, “Are they real?”  “What do you think? Do you need to feel them for sure?” With glaring eyes, Fiona Torres asked with a threatening tone. She was grateful to him a few seconds ago for helping her catch the thief, now she thought he was a rogue who committed a crime far more wicked than stealing a purse.  “Then I’ll just…” At her glance that would cut through a man’s chest, he withdrew his hand that had already reached out and mumbled, “I guess it’s not very appropriate by rules of etiquette. Judged from my years of experience, I’m sure that they are natural, free from artificial additives or filler. By the frequency of their vibration when you were running a moment ago, and also given to their perky shape…”  “Bastard! Go to hell!” With a roar, Fiona reached out her hand as quick as a flash of lightning to grab Marlow’s wrist. Fiona was good at grappling, but she was still a level below Marlow. By instinct, Marlow raised his arm to fight back but in a split second, he recalled that he wanted to live a peaceful life when he decided to come back. So he just lifted his arm an inch and then dropped it, allowing Fiona to grab his wrist successfully. Fiona of course didn’t know what was going on in his mind and she thought it was a matter of course. She graduated from the police school first place and seizing a criminal was her common activity as a policewoman. Marlow pretended to struggle for one or two seconds and then let her wrench his right arm to the back.  “Hey! Why are you arresting me? I helped you catch the thief!” He protested.  “But you tried to grope my boobs! Behave yourself!” Fiona added more strength to her grip and glared at him angrily.  “You have to be reasonable. You invited me to feel them yourself. I just didn’t want to refuse your enthusiastic offer…”  “If somebody asks you to kill a man, will you kill a man?” snapped her.  “I didn’t do it in the end…Oh, I got it. This is phishing, isn’t it? I know you are a good cop, but don’t you think you sacrifice too much in order to catch a potential criminal? A pretty girl like you…If you…” Fiona’s face turned pale at what he said. She didn’t expect this bastard was so brazen and glib. She tightened her grip again and said, “Cut the bullshit! Go with me to the police division. I suspect you have a hand in the n*********a case online.” As she said, she was bending down to take off one of the handcuffs on the thief and wanted to cuff the two men together.  “f**k! Detective, you can’t accuse others groundlessly. Besides, this kind of accusation is too preposterous!” When he turned back and saw Fiona trying to take off one of the handcuffs, he didn’t want to waste time anymore. It wasn’t a good idea to go to the police division with her. His hope for peace in life would be ruined.  “Detective, I have something urgent to attend to. I can’t go on catching up with you. See you next time!” As he said, with an easy twist of the arm, he got free.  
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