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Fighting was common to Marlow, though he had rarely beaten a woman. Spanking a beautiful lady was an even novel experience for him.

Because he was furious, he didn’t realize that it was so pleasing only after he stopped.

Indeed, the butt was soft and springy.

Especially because she struggled violently, her skirt was pulled up a little, and her upper body being pressed on the desk, which caused her butt to tilt up and thus expose the black lacy panties under the skirt and the creamy thighs. The lecherous man couldn’t help but feel aroused.

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Chapter 1 A Knockout President
If one asked about Watson Group in Starlake City, almost everyone could point out the correct location for him. It was not just because Watson Building was one of the landmarks of the city. It was also because Watson Group had a president who was a rare beauty and whose name was widely known. However, at this moment, this young beauty wasn’t in good spirits. She was twirling the pen around her fingers and lost in her anxious thought. A few days ago, out of nowhere, her father wanted her to marry a total stranger. Of course she would rather die than follow his order. As the consequence, her bank accounts were frozen and the villa was lent to others. The old couple left the city and went to Miami to have holidays, leaving her to live in a small house on Wisteria Lane these days. Scarlett Murphy had never seen that man before, the man who was called Marlow Williams, nor had she heard anything about him, but now she had already been disappointed at him. Apart from anything else, what was happening now was annoying enough. He had agreed to meet with her at eight-thirty, but seven minutes had passed after the agreed time, the man hadn’t shown up yet. From Scarlett’s point of view, being puncture was common decency of civilized men. If he didn’t even have it, then she couldn’t expect to see an excellent man. She let out a faint sigh, leaned back in the chair and closed her eyes. Once in a while, she would open her beautiful eyes to have a brief glimpse at the clock on the wall. As time slipped away minute by minute, Scarlett’s expression turned ugly. When the hand of the clock pointed at nine, her secretary Sandy finally led a guy into her office. That guy’s eyes lit up as soon as he walked through the door. Sniffing deeply, he said, “Blue Mountain coffee? Top grade Blue Mountain? Thank you very much.” Ignoring Scarlett’s amazed stare, he picked up the coffee pot and poured himself a cup casually. While on the other hand, a mixture of the strong scents of alcohol, cigarette and perfume made Scarlett cough immediately.  “Hey!” She couldn’t help but stand up and bring her hand down to the desk heavily with a bang. It seemed that it was not until then did he notice the dazzling beauty behind the executive desk. He smiled and said, “Authentic stuff! It’s hard to get Blue Mountain with such purity nowadays. Where did you get it?” Finding the man insensitive to the anger in her staring eyes, she sat down irritated. Her face was dark and horrible at the moment, just like the sky with a thunderstorm that was brewing up. The strong perfume her nose detected was the kind only used by the sluts who hung out in the nightclubs. But now it was around the man in front of her. To her annoyance, this bastard was the fiancé her father found for her! She took a deep breath and said sternly, “So you are Marlow Williams, aren’t you?  “That’s right. Call me Marlow. It’s not healthy to drink too much coffee. Don’t drink too much in the future,” he replied carelessly. After he finished his words, he picked up Scarlett’s cup on the desk and walked to the water dispenser to get a cup of water.  “Marlow! Don’t you know what politeness is?” She stood up again and snapped with a sharp voice.  “Am I being rude to you?” He put on an innocent expression.  “That cup is mine!”  “Do we still have to use the terms ‘yours’ and ‘mine’?” He took a sip of the water and asked, watching her with his clear eyes.  “You…I…” Scarlett was so irritated that she couldn’t even talk articulately. However, Marlow just put down the cup naturally and lit a cigarette under her angry staring, before he raised his head and scanned Scarlett smilingly. He had to admit that old Murphy didn’t trap him into marrying an ugly woman. She was indeed gorgeous. Look at her. Her abundant and shiny hair was coiled up high; her smooth and pale neck was perfectly revealed; her ears were decorated with a pair of simple triangular diamond earrings, which added a touch of aliveness to her noble air; her pretty face had both the conserved elegance of an oriental girl and the glamour of a hot western beauty; her delicate features were impeccable, while her skin was so tender and smooth that no man could resist the desire to touch it. Under her crescent-shaped eyebrows, the clear dark eyes resembled two deep ponds with ripples when the wind gently brushed by. Her figure was the typical hour-glass shape and the well-cut skirt suit just showed her to advantage. Under the tight skirt was a pair of sexy long legs in black stockings. When she stood up and minced her way in her patent heels that were almost five inches high, no man’s heart could remain undisturbed.  “Well, not bad. I can rate you almost 80 points out of 100. I was worried that Mr. Murphy was fooling me and forcing upon me a woman who couldn’t find a man to marry. Now I see that Mr. Murphy is a reliable person. At least I won’t feel embarrassed going out with you.” He took a deep drag of his cigarette and blew acrid smoke into the air before he made the comment unhurriedly.  ‘Almost 80 points out of one 100?! Not embarrassed going out with me?! I want to see what the woman looks like who you rate 100 points!’ Scarlett shouted in her heart indignantly. At the same time, she reminded herself to calm down as it was not worthwhile to be vexed by such scum. After taking a couple of deep breaths, she managed to resume her composure before she opened her mouth without expression. “Mr. Marlow Williams, I can tell you expressively right now that I will not possibly marry you. I hope you won’t show up in my life again.”  “Did you just say you wouldn’t marry me?” asked Marlow, looking serious for the first time since he came in.  “No, never!” snapped Scarlett, feeling the pleasure of revenge.  ‘Humph! I tolerated you when you rated me 80 points. I watched you playing hard-to-get with patience. Now it is my turn to have the upper hand. Even if you kneel down and beg me, I won’t change my mind!’    “Great!” cried out Marlow excitedly. He rubbed his hands together and seemed not to be able to conceal his feeling.  “What do you mean?” asked Scarlett, half annoyed and half puzzled.  “I mean what I said literally. Look at you, a big boss. A woman who is a big boss is usually career-oriented. Family and marriage are naturally not high on their priority list. How can a man with a great carnal appetite like me being left alone at home every day? And probably you won’t let me go out to find other women to release my excessive passion. What do I want such a marriage for?” After a short pause, he leaned his face closer and winked at her, as he whispered secretly, “It’s said that most of the successful women have a hormone imbalance. Their period lasts abnormally long and the blood volume is huge every month, just like a flash flood that breaches the dam…” “You bastard! Get out of here! Let me tell you: The men who want to marry me can form a line from here to Washington! I’d rather die than marry a scum like you. You get out here immediately!” Scarlett was usually a sensible woman and rarely had ever been emotional. But at this moment she was fuming like an erupting volcano. As she spoke, she picked up a file on the desk and threw it at his face. Marlow raised his arm and caught it in the air deftly. He shook his head and said, “See, even before we get married, domestic violence has started. If I marry you, I will be murdered by you sooner or later.”  “Beat it!” roared Scarlett and threw out another file with all her strength. He caught it easily and said with a smile, “Calm down, calm down. The life is so beautiful, but you are so irritable…”  “Go to hell!” Before he could finish his words, another file flew to him.  “I don’t have the heart to make you a widow.”  “…” Scarlett ended up throwing all the files to him but none of them could hit the target. Looking at that brazen-faced scum and the stack of files on a small table beside him, Scarlett was hopping mad. She finally went crazy and rushed to him with a shriek.  “Have you had enough? If you won’t stop immediately, I will treat you like a lady anymore,” said Marlow, dodging her at the same time.  “Do you want to beat me? Come on, do it! You Bastard! You get out of my sight…” Scarlett was so overwhelmed by fury that she went on shouting while chased Marlow and waved her arms to beat him.  “You little b*tch! You seem to forget who you are! I have to give you a lesson so that you can understand how to treat your future husband.” Marlow reached out his hand and grabbed Scarlett’s wrist. With some force, he wrenched her arms on her back and held her in his arms.  

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