Chapter 2 I Will Fix You

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  “Let go of me, you bastard! SOB! Scum! If you dare to touch me, you will be a dead man!” The beauty president wasn’t a coward either. She shouted as she fought against him. If she was a man, Marlow would have at least one hundred ways to make her live like in hell. Unfortunately, she was a woman, and she was his fiancée. He had promised old Murphy that he would protect his daughter. For this reason, he didn’t dare to use too much force for fear of hurting her. With that thought in his mind, his posture looked awkward in restraining her. However, Scarlett had already gone crazy because of his obscene language. The only idea that possessed her mind was to hurt him. When she saw that he wasn’t in the mood for fighting against her, she seized the opportunity, lifted one of her foot and stamped with all her strength on his foot. As their bodies were pressed against each other, battle-scarred Marlow was sensitive enough to foreseen her intention and had avoid the pointy heel of her pump, but his foot still suffered a stamp. He was annoyed immediately. With a push, he pressed Scarlett face down on the executive desk, raised his hand and gave her plump butt a slap.  “Nothing is more venomous than the women’s hearts. I have to give you a lesson today so that you will be tame!” Fighting was common to Marlow, though he had rarely beaten a woman. Spanking a beautiful lady was an even novel experience for him. Because he was furious, he didn’t realize that it was so pleasing only after he stopped. Indeed, the butt was soft and springy. Especially because she struggled violently, her skirt was pulled up a little, and her upper body being pressed on the desk, which caused her butt to tilt up and thus expose the black lacy panties under the skirt and the creamy thighs. The lecherous man couldn’t help but feel aroused. Since he had already spanked her, he might as well do it again to satiate his sensation. So he pretended to reprimand her righteously and at the same time spanked her a few more times deliberately. Scarlett grew up in a wealthy family. She had been a beautiful girl since being a kid and a model student at school. All she had experienced in her life was praises and protection. This kind of humiliation was a nightmare for her! To add insult to injury, after being spanked, besides feeling hurt, helpless and aggrieved, which was the reasonable reaction under such circumstance, she was surprised to find an unspeakable feeling of pleasure and expectancy. With such complicated emotion, she burst out crying like a child. Her crying made Marlow resume his composure immediately. He let go of Scarlett and said self-consciously, “Look at you! Why would you cry now? It’s just a prank. You acted spitefully just now, which made me fume and lose my mind. To be fair, I will let you spank me, okay?” Scarlett ignored him and just walked to her chair and sat down. There she bent down on the desk and continued crying.  “Okay, you go on crying. I will not bother you anymore.” Seeing that, Marlow wanted to take to his heels.  “Stop, Scum! Do you want to slip away after beating me? Don’t dream of it!”  “What the hell do you want? Didn’t you ask me to beat it?” Marlow shrugged his shoulders with resignation.  “That was before you beat me! Now you beat me and wanted to sneak away. No way!” She huffed.  “What could make you feel better?” Marlow simply walked back to sit in a chair to her opposite.  “I want to…I want to fix you! Don’t laugh!” She hadn’t made up her mind yet on what to do, so she just blurt out something childish. Looking at her face with makeup messed by tears, he couldn’t help but smile. Compared to the icy beauty who behaved primly, Marlow thought she was more natural and lovable now.  “Okay. How will you fix me?”  “I think…well…you’ve just come back home. You don’t have a job currently, do you?” asked her, as a thought popped into her mind and her eyes lit up. Marlow shook his head instantly. “No. Working is not possible for me…I can’t possibly work. I won’t work in my life.” He stammered as if the idea of working was horrific to him. “I can’t do business either. I can survive the rest of my life with the shares your father gave me.”  “My father has given you his shares?!” Scarlett cried out shocked.  “Is it so surprising? You should be grateful that you have such a good father. He did whatever he could in marketing you. To be honest, any man will curse his luck if he marries a shrew like you.”  “Do you believe that I will kick you out of here if you say one more word?” Scarlett said peevishly.  “Yes. I will get my ass out of here voluntarily.” He replied and simply stood up to head outward.  “Bastard, come back!” She shouted.  “Well, Princess, what on earth do you want? You asked me to get out and then asked me to come back.”  “Since you’ve become a shareholder of the company, you have to make your contribution to the company. Tomorrow you come to work. I will let you know the specific job description tomorrow,” said Scarlett with unchallengeable authority.  “Can I object?”  “Objection overruled. You can get your ass out of here now.” She waved her hand at him as if she was driving a disgusting fly. He didn’t argue any further but just turned and left. He figured that the world was so big. If he didn’t want to come here, how could Scarlet find him? So it was all up to him. After getting out of the building and back to the street, he stopped to light a cigarette. He seemed not to be the cheeky philanderer a moment ago and his grin was replaced by seriousness. He came back to Starlake City yesterday, but he hadn’t been home yet. In fact, he hadn’t been home ever since his mother’s funeral. The home was a place of sadness for him.   Recalling her mother’s benevolent face and a girl’s face who looked as humble and quiet as a little wildflower, his heart was stirred. He took a glimpse at his watch and found that it was still early. He could go to the cemetery where his parents were buried. … When he stood in front of his parents’ grave, he was surprised to see that it was neat and clean, as if somebody had come to clean it constantly. He looked around and found the other graves were not as clean. That meant that it wasn’t cleaned by the cemetery workers. But he wasn’t in the mood for digging into this at the moment. He collected his thought and took out what he brought from his backpack. He could count how many times he had cried in his life so far, but when he knelt down in front of the gravestone, scalding tears welled up in his eyes and dropped on the soil under his feet. “Mom, Dad, I’ve come back to see you.” He screwed open the lid of a bottle of wine he brought for his father and poured it on the grass in front of the headstone, as he murmured, “Dad, this is the Bordeaux you loved. I bought it in the shop you frequented before…” And then he put the bundle of white lilies in front of the gravestone and said gently, “Mom, I brought you some lilies that you loved most. Now you and Dad are together. Are you happy? Don’t blame Dad for drinking again. Let him enjoy it this time. I don’t come here frequently…” After a pause to wipe away his tears, he forced a smile and said again, “Mom, I’m married. She is very beautiful, a little hot-tempered though. I believe we will make a happy couple. You don’t have to worry about me anymore…” Marlow didn’t know that while he was chattering away, a pair of eyes were watching him behind an oak tree not far away!  
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