Mafia's bride

arranged marriage
enimies to lovers

Jude Vos Bonavich the most feared Mafia lord in the world, one of the most dangerous man to have lived in Italy. But Jude was a man of principle, a family man as well. The world fear him and they all had many reasons to do so, but at the same time, the world also did name him their own hero because Jude was a man who couldn't let his people suffer as well. In this world that he lives in, Jude Vos had seen too much, had been apart of too much as well. But while his life was going on as it should, a horrible and gruesome incident took something that was very precious to him.

A man he could call his father, Sillas Gustavo. His mentor, a former mafia lord that had stepped down, and a man that taught Jude everything he knew now. That man was killed right in front of him, his screams still being heard everyday as he had to live through it all.

And it seemed like everything shattered for Jude as he saw it all happen right in front of him. However, everything did not end for Jude once Sillas was gone. Jude wanted revenge for what happened to man that saved him, gave him purpose and a life. But before he could do any of that, Jude first had to take in a responsibility that Sillas had left him with, and that was his daughter, Sylvian Melete Gustavo.

The only daughter of Sillas Gautavo. A student of Fashion institute of technology in New York. An amazing and beautiful girl with a charming personality. She is purely filled with love and care for this world. Doing what she loves to do and surrounded with love and family, friends. She was completely oblivious to that life her father lived, to what her father was to this world. And Sillas made sure that his beautiful daughter would never get to know what he was truly and what her name too represents as well. He never wanted his daughter to know he was a Mafia lord and now just a business man in Italy. He never wanted her to see him in that light ever. And knowing this world he lived in too well, Sillas wanted to keep her away and always protected, because she was everything to him, his little princess, live, his wealth.

However, this truth wasn't hide from her for too long. The moment she herself saw her father's death right in front of her eyes, everything was shattered for her, she was broken, scared, not even living. The reality of his truth was out, the pain was insufferable and brutal but that wasn't the end of it all.

Because before the man died, there was letter written by Sillas, and that letter was addressed to both Sylvaine and Jude, as his wish was written tin there for both of them.

A note that would change both Sylvaine and Jude's life forever.

A note that would change them as well, change their belief, life, thoughts, and even hope.

But now there was a life waiting for Sylvain, a life filled with violence, guns, people who were now coming after here. A life as brutal as possible. But she wasn't in that all alone this time.... neither one of them was.

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