Reborn As The Alpha’s Destined Mate

second chance

#Dreame Writing Marathon II

Keya, nineteen-year-old fresh graduate thought life had gotten better for her. An award as the top outstanding student in her department and a loving boyfriend.

Asher Desmond, the next Alpha successor to Ember Haven pack promised Keya the world. However, it turns out it was all an act to get the company shares that was left to her by her father. Asher humiliated her on the day of his parent's anniversary.

Devasted Keya felt the burden of the world all on her head. The disappointment from her mother and sister made the situation worse. With a pained heart, Keya drowned herself in the sea thinking she'd be freed.

However, Keya was given a second chance. She was reborn again. But as a different person. A popular and renowned fashion designer in the city. Keya was given three months to reclaim what was taken from her.

Will Keya be able to achieve her goals without Alpha Asher luring her once again? Even though he was now her destined mate?

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Chapter 1
Keya "And the award for the most outstanding student of the Business Management department goes to Keya Levi!" A round of applause echoed through the graduation hall as my name was called. With my head held high, I flaunted my gown and walked up to the stage towards the smiling man holding my certificate of award. "Let's put our hands together again for Keya Levi!" the man cheered, and the hall erupted in clapping. Tears welled up in my eyes as I scanned the surroundings, stopping on my mother and sister. A proud smile was plastered on their faces. Seated nearby was Alpha Desmond and his family. The man passed the microphone to me to say a few words. "I want to use this medium to express my gratitude to my family. My mother-" As soon as my eyes met my mother's, the words I planned to say choked in my throat. My vision blurred with tears. "I-" I still tried to say but couldn't. Emotion overwhelmed me. The man collected the microphone. "I guess the smart Keya Levi has gotten too emotional. Congratulations," he said. I slowly descended the stage with my certificate. My mother and sister wasted no time in engulfing me in a hug, which was exactly what I needed at that moment. "I'm proud of you, Keya. I'm very sure if your father was still alive, he'd be very proud. Congratulations," she said, cupping my face. I didn't try to hold back the tears; I allowed them to fall. I knew for a fact that my father would be very proud of my outstanding performance. Too bad he's no longer alive to witness it. "Oh, I always knew you're a cry baby," my sister Vivian teased. I playfully glared at her. "Is that how to say congratulations to your baby sis?" I pouted. "Who is a baby? Come on, you're a graduate now. Quit the baby acts. Anyways, congratulations," she said, pulling me in for a hug too. The clearing of a voice interrupted our bonding moment. "Vivian, you didn't tell me your sister is a cry baby," Alpha Desmond remarked. What? He's also calling me a cry baby. "You see what I'm saying," Vivian said, making me nudge her on the arm. "Congratulations, Keya. You really made us proud," Alpha Desmond patted my arm, whereas his wife, Celine, pulled me into a hug. "Thank you, Alpha Desmond. Thank you, Ma'am Celine." The man frowned. "Call me Sir. The Alpha title always reminds me of pack responsibilities." I didn't resist chuckling at the man's sense of humor. Of course, he's the Alpha of the renowned pack, Ember Haven. The pack is known for peace and tranquility. But what makes it the safest pack among all is the leader, a man born with an iron fist. My late father, Levi Wilson, served as Alpha Desmond's Beta. He passed away a year ago. And my mother had also served Luna Celine. You can see how Alpha Desmond and his family made an honorary appearance at my graduation. "Have you forgotten your son is going to take that burden from you soon?" Mrs. Celine's voice boomed through the silence. All attention now turned to a tall young man standing hands stuffed inside his pocket. A silent blush tingled at my cheeks. We only gave each other one look. "Congratulations, Keya," he said, passing me a bouquet of flowers. I almost melted when his hand touched mine underneath the flowers, only if my heart rate could stay calm. "Thank you, Asher," I said in the calmest voice I could muster. No one seemed to notice the look we gave each other. "Mrs. Isadora, why don't you and your family join us for dinner tonight?" Alpha Desmond offered to my mother. Before my mother could say anything, my sister and I had already accepted the invite. "We would love to, Alpha Desmond." ** "Tell me, what's between you and Asher?" Vivian whispered, nudging me on the arm. We were seated at the large dining table in the Alpha's house. Maids were bustling around from different directions. It felt like I had been here for a year when it's not even up to a month since my mother stopped coming to the Ember Haven pack. "Tell me," Vivian nudged me again. "There's nothing," I said, avoiding her gaze. I didn't think I was ready for my sister's interrogation. Asher and I had planned to tell our family about our relationship on his parents' anniversary. We had managed to keep it a secret. Asher and I had been in a relationship for five months now. I've always had a crush on him. I admired him whenever my mother took me along to the pack. Sometimes, just to see him, I would come up with a lie to follow my mother to the pack. One day, Asher asked me out. My heart almost stopped beating. I thought I was dreaming. Since then, we have been together. Asher, the only son of Alpha Desmond, is the carbon copy of his father in terms of physical appearance. You don't have to be told who he is. If you see Asher, you'd know he's Alpha Desmond's son but has his mother's eyes. "Am I talking to Keya?" My sister clapped her hands over my face, snapping me out of my trance. The dining room was now occupied with Alpha Desmond, his wife, and Asher himself, looking undoubtedly handsome as always. "Sorry for keeping you waiting," Alpha Desmond apologized. "It's fine, Alpha. Thank you for inviting us." He nodded his head. "Let's dive in, please." We began eating. My family engaged in a conversation with the Alpha and his wife while my eyes occasionally stole glances at Asher, who was wearing a smile. No one knew the reason behind his smile but me, obviously because he was texting me while we were eating. 'Let's meet at our usual spot.' His text came through. I decided to tease him a bit. 'The lounge or your room?' His eyes went to me, and his lips curved up. 'You mean my arms?' I pretended to take a sip of my drink before replying. 'Your room is always tempting me.' He knew what I meant by using the word 'Room.' 'Sounds good. My room then.' He replied back and dropped his phone by the side. We exchanged looks and flashed each other a smile. All the while, our family didn't notice. My knuckles gently made a swift knock on Asher's door while glancing at the hallway for any prying eyes. I always managed to get past to his room without anyone seeing me. The Alpha and his family lived away from the pack, but Alpha Desmond spent most of his time in the pack. They instead lived in a big mansion at the heart of New York City. "Hey," I whispered excitedly as Asher pulled open the door. He grabbed my hand and led us inside his room. In one swift motion, Asher spun me around and connected my back with the wall with his tall frame and strong arms circling me. My cheeks heated up instantly. "I know you missed me," he said, brushing strands of my hair from my face. I snaked my arms around his waist. "I do. So much," I confessed. We always tell each other how much we missed each other even though we talk and see each other too. But I know I can't get enough of him. "That's it?" He asked, his face frowning. I shot him a confused brow. "You didn't even kiss me. Your boyfriend in whole," he pouted. A small chuckle escaped me, and I leaned closer and planted a kiss on his cheek. "Happy?" He rested his forehead on mine. We stared into each other's eyes. I could feel my heart thumping inside its ribcage. "Congratulations, baby girl. I can't wait to make you mine. To declare you as my Luna to the entire pack," he confessed. A giggle erupted from me. He always says that, but it hasn't felt different like today because his parents' anniversary is in two days. We don't have to hide our relationship anymore. "I'm already yours," I teased, trailing my fingers on his collarbone. "I want to let the whole world know how much you mean to me, Keya." With that, he closed the remaining gap between us. Our lips didn't get to touch when a loud bang echoed through the halls of the room, pulling both of us apart.

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