3: A Rogue

1684 Words
Cassandra I inhale deeply, what's that scent? It smells like something that I loved once, mint and roses, wow. I completely forgot how the smell makes me feel, so good. I turn once more to search for the owner of the voice but I don't see it, instead, I see alpha Ramos and his beta. I try to inhale once more but the scent is gone just like my wolf. Why can't I feel her again? It's like she has gone back to the deep dark part of my mind. " Good, daddy will deal with you," Cherry is smiling as she straightens her blonde hair with her hands. I inwardly sigh. Beta Cain has always scared me, I don't like how he looks at me. The alpha and beta approach us, they look at me with disdain. Hate. My heart aches, please don't look at me like that. The action of my father doesn't define me. I want to tell them but I cower, Alphas are stronger and they can end us in an instant. I swallow thickly before bowing low. " Alpha, Dad," Cherry acknowledges, going to her father with a pout. " Cherry, what's going on?" beta Cain asks, his dark eyes peering at me. " Daddy, this rogue... This peasant girl just hit her," she complains, I widen my eyes as fear creeps in me. I didn't slap her, at least not the way she's making it seem. I shake my head. " You, rogue, are you causing any trouble?" The alpha growls. His eyes are obnoxious and his facial features harden. His chest is rising and falling hard, making him look taller than he already is. " Well, are you?" he asks again angrily. I shake my head. I'd never. They beat me till I pass out but I never fight back, knowing the consequences are the dungeons. I refuse to go there again. They are horrible and they only take criminals there. I once spent three days in that dreadful place without water or food because one of Cherry's minions accused me of theft. Luna Nancy only released me because they needed my help to prepare a french dish Dylan wanted, none of the other chefs could. " Answer the alpha when he asks," Cain growls, I flinch. " No... no, Alpha," I stutter my words. " Are you calling my Cherry a liar?" Questions the beta, I bite my tongue. She is lying. I shake my head. " Take her to the dungeons, daddy!" Cherry suggests enthusiastically. My body shivers, no, not there. " No, Dylan and the others have arrived, the chefs need all the help they can get. We are preparing a huge feast for my son," Alpha Ramos says proudly. For some reason, my heart does a backflip at the mention of Dylan. The alpha leaves and the beta shoots me a deadly glare "You are preparing all the dishes, and don't show your face for the rest of the evening during the feast," He growls. I nod then he leaves, thankfully taking Cherry and Lina with him. My eyes go to the corner of the room, there is a tall dark-haired girl who was watching us. She must be one of the warriors who went away with Alpha Dylan. The girl looks... Sorry for me. I shake my head, I saw it wrong. She begins to walk toward me but Aka calls her. " Jean!" The girl stops and smiles brightly at Aka, wrapping her arms around him. " Wassup man," Jean hits his shoulder as they walk out. " Girl, you can punch," Aka whines like a child. I go to the basement where my room is, Inside is a mattress, a small table that has some of my books, and a broken wardrobe with a broken mirror. I get my towel and head to the bath. I use the common bathrooms. The packhouse is very luxurious and big, it has enough room to accommodate hundreds of people, it's like a castle! it has an inside pool, a spa, and all you can ever need. The suites are amazing. Everything is top-notch, flat-screen TVs, king-size beds, fancy seats, great air condition, and each has a large designer bathroom yet I sleep in the basement but who am I to complain? The Alpha family has a huge mansion not too far from the town like the beta. Members who don't want to live at the packhouse have luxury apartments and houses around the town. ... After a good long shower, I rush to my room not wanting to be seen in nothing but a towel. I smile and throw myself on the mattress. ouch! I yelp at the wrong move, it is not very soft. I smelled him again, my mate is here. All my life I've wanted one, a man to love me and take me away, is this why my wolf resurfaced after so long? I smile again. I hold the sheets closer to me. Never in my wild imagination did I think I will be blessed with one especially since they are rare. I was born a rogue, I have no rank, we don't even exist and we are of no importance in werewolf society yet, I have one! Me! We learned about mates in class, the first time I heard about it, I wanted it. The whole mating, how one can love someone selflessly, the theory intrigued me. My mate will love, and protect me and we'll leave this place, and escape together. I'm turning and tossing while smiling like a fool. I can still hear the loud music outside. They are probably drunk teenagers making out and leaving their used condoms all over the place. I cringe, I hope I won't be asked to clean that area tomorrow. I get up to wear my pajamas. I honestly don't have anything to wear. One, two, three. I sigh, my clothes can't be more than ten. I have one night dress, warm pajamas that are worn out, three pairs of jeans and tops, and two dresses. I need to look for work in the City when the chaos here is over. I think to myself. My thoughts drift to my mate once more, what is he doing? Has he sensed me yet? What does he look like? ' he will be beautiful,' The voice from earlier beams, my wolf! ' Please don't leave me,' I beg. I don't want to be alone anymore. ' I won't, Cassandra,' I wonder how it feels like to be in your wolf form. I've seen others shift, it looks so painful but I can manage. Our teacher in the fifth grade said it only hurts the first time. " Someone's playing hide and seek with me," A deep voice says. I jump from my mattress and almost regret it as I hit the wall, making me fall on my butt. " Ouch," I cry. I hear a laugh, no, the most beautiful laugh I've ever heard. " Princess, are you okay?" The man questions as he comes to my side. I inhale his scent and he smells like heaven. My heaven! I giggle as he helps me up but he staggers. I widen my eyes when I recognize him even in the dark. " Dylan," I whisper. The alpha's son is my mate? I open my mouth. My wolf is purring, excited, calling out for him but I'm in too much shock to register. My breath hitches, this is the second most powerful man in the pack. How is it possible he's my mate? Dylan is mostly never around because they are preparing him to be alpha but I see him a few times and we played together when we were young. Dylan is everything I want, handsome and tall. Olive skin tone and beautiful hazel eyes with a body full of muscles. He is HOT! Unfortunately, Dylan's a bad boy, who f**k different girls from the stories I've heard and seen. Unlike the others, Dylan has never hit me but he watched when others did. I pull away slowly and back away but he pulls me back by my waist. He trails his slender fingers on my jaw, and I feel tingles erupt. I close my eyes, taking in the sensation. When I open them, I'm met with Dylan's dark ones. My wolf wants to mate but I don't, not now. " What's your name?" He asks softly. I almost roll my eyes, he knows my name, or has he forgotten? " Cass.. andra... Cassandra," " Cassandra," he repeats. " I know someone with that name," Before I can fathom anything, he crashes his lips on me and I see stars. His lips are soft, oh my god. they are so tantalizing. He nibbles my lower lip, seeking entrance. I open my mouth and savor his taste. Our lips dance in perfect harmony and to think in my long seventeen years I've never kissed a boy like this. " Wait, wait... Dylan," I breathe, pulling away but we are still close. I can feel his hot minty breath on my face. He smells of alcohol too, I bet he must be drunk, that explains why he can't stand straight. " Damn, you smell amazing and your lips, your lips... I can't get enough," he says breathlessly. I blush. Dylan cups my face. "You are so beautiful, Cassandra," He attacks my neck, sucking and licking on my soft spot. A moan escapes my lips. I widen my eyes, is it even possible to produce such a sound? " You smell amazing," Dylan's chest is rising and falling rapidly. He kisses me again but I push him away, we can't mate now. My mate blinks twice and squints his eyes in confusion. " We can't, Dylan, " My voice is barely a whisper. I don't want my first time to be like this, he's drunk and in this room, no. " You're my mate and I want you, now," The alpha growls, making me flinch.
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