2: An Alpha

1183 Words
Dylan 'Let's go home,' says my wolf inside my head. I chuckle we are literally in the middle of the battle. I keep killing rogues left and right! Ripping their heads from their body. Months ago, an anonymous rogue group started to attack packs. Terrorizing and causing war, however, no one seems to know who is heading these groups. At first, we thought they were just hungry rogues who operate on animal instincts, just wanting to feed and drink blood but no. They are well organized, the blue moon pack caught one who infiltrated their packs but he killed himself before they could question him. Two rogues charge at me but my wolf is faster and very agile. He shrugs one over his back as he digs his claws in the tawny one. A howl resonates making me freeze, that's my beta. I go to him, killing rogues on my way, the place is filled with dead wolves, I rush to my best friend and I see him bleed badly, around him, there are dead rogues. He's limping as he jumps on one rogue, tearing its throat out. I nod before walking away. ' Are you all right,' I ask, through the mind link. ' Not a damsel in distress,' he growls. 'Well, your howl beg to differ,' I laugh, teasing him. I hear a growl in my head before closing off the mind link. Tyler is my beta and best friend, we've been together our whole lives. I change back to my human form, looking around the dead bodies, this group was stronger than the others. We have been at it for months, going in packs. Fending off rogues, killing them. Am tired, my men are tired and most of all we miss home, our pack, the Dawn moon pack. " You did well!" I praise them, they howl in victory. I smile looking at them with pride. My men are the best warriors around, despite us being young " Thank you, young Alpha," the Alpha and beta of the red pack approach us. I clear my throat, looking at the alpha who bows respectfully and I do the same as a sign of mutual respect and understanding. I may be twenty years old, but I'm strong. My father is Alpha of the strongest pack and on my 20th birthday, I'll take over from him. I was groomed and raised to be a strong alpha by my father, and the council. They have so much faith in me. My power surprise them, they say if I keep up the hard work and commitment to the packs. I might even be high Alpha, alpha of all packs in the continent. " Alpha Dylan, we have prepared something for you and your men," says the beta. " Party?" Asks my beta, excitement in his tone. I roll my eyes, such a party animal. " Yes," he winks, I scowl, he really shouldn't do that again. Beta Mike smirks only making me more uncomfortable. " Party!" One of my warriors shouts. My men cheer and howl as they run to the packhouse. The alpha and beta are walking with me to their packhouse. " So, we were thinking....," The alpha starts, I raise my eyebrows, thinking? that's not good. "That you should choose a mate, here in this pack," he continues. I almost choke on my saliva, me? Mate? No f*****g way, especially ones from this pack? What can they offer me? They are weaklings who don't have enough power. Powerful alphas are waiting in line for me to pick their daughters. " Umm, I don't think I'm ready for that, " Alpha Thomas' smile deflates, and stop walking. "But I will think about it?" I lie. I won't but hey, I'm not a bad guy, this man is good. It's a shame he surrounds himself with fools, that's why his pack will not flourish the way it's supposed to. My father told me that, for one to be successful as an alpha they need good and intelligent people around. People who motivate and elevate them, a beta who understands pack dynamics better and not to brag but my beta has proven himself more capable of that. Secondly, a strong alpha needs a Luna who is kind but strong and also uses her brain. One with a powerful and strong wolf so as not to be a liability for the alpha, one capable of defending herself. My father is lucky in that department. Mom is a full package, beautiful, very learned, intelligent, heir to a fortune, and firstborn of one of the most powerful alphas around. She made Dawn moon pack stronger than it already was, their union was glorious when they joined the two packs. I want a Luna like my mother, a full package. I sigh and lie on the bed in tiredness. "My hero!" Squeals a feminine voice, the woman wraps her legs around me. I sit up and take in her naked body, damn. Evanca is beautiful but my wolf snort. I raise an eyebrow at him mentally, what the f**k? That's new, since when does he not want ass? I ignore his snarls and growls. I throw the woman on the bed and then pull my pants down. I smirk. Evanca's eyes are dark, I can smell her arousal. She is dripping wet for me. I hover over her and enter her core. She cries in pleasure as I pound in her relentlessly. Getting my release, I leave the woman sleeping in my bed and then go in the shower. I stay there for a long time. Tomorrow we are going home. 'yes, home,' I feel hands around my waist. I smirk, didn't she get enough? I turn but my eyes widen when I come face to face with the beta's daughter. I shrug her off me, I may w***e around but I don't like her. Not that she's not pretty but because her best friend is sleeping in my bed. "Get out!" I growl, getting out of the shower. "Why? Why not me?" She purrs seductively. I take her in, damn I like a curvy woman. "I move better than she can," she bites her lower lip. I don't find it cute. "What's your name again?" I ask. I don't know. "Mary," she responds. I always see her send flirtatious winks and signals my way but I ignore her. She's too desperate. "f**k me, and I'll leave you alone," see? Desperate. I shake my head and leave the washroom. I like a challenge, all my life, girls throw themselves at my feet either for pleasure, Luna’s position, my money, etc. I only slept with the alpha's daughter because she thought herself too holy. Evanca said to my face that I will never have her and now she is in my bed, f****d and done, over and over again. I said to myself I'll bed her no matter what and I did. I enjoy how she screams and squirms under me. Evanca fascinated me, that's why I went for her.
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