Abused, Broken and Rejected


"I Dylan Blackmoon of dawn moon pack, reject you, Cassandra Tiberius as my mate and Luna," Tears ran down my face as soon as those words left his mouth. I fell on the ground as I watch him leave and I screamed.

Dylan and Cassandra are from opposite worlds, different ranks and status. Will they fight to overcome the challenges ahead? Secrets and dangerous plots are uncovered in their journey and just who can they trust?

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1: Mate
I sigh when I finish cleaning the dishes in the sink. I have bags under my eyes due to a lack of sleep lately. Our pack members have been partying and celebrating as they wait for their future alpha, Dylan. He went to help out in a nearby pack. Alpha Ramos announced that his son was victorious in all his battles, so they are celebrating. I have been working all week, I'm tired and my body is sore from all the chores I have been doing with only a few omegas to help me. I look at the clean kitchen once more, I'm sure tomorrow I will have to clean again. Checking the time on my wristwatch, I realize I have to get back to the basement before they come barging into the kitchen for more liquor. My name is Cassandra Tiberius. Am a rogue living in this pack and hated by most. The Alpha and Luna brought me here when I was twelve years old. Back home, I was my parent's treasure. Their sunshine but being a rogue in our world is not easy. My father was a rogue lord who attacked this pack years ago, for power and land. The Dawn moon pack is the most powerful pack on the continent and he wanted their wealth, land and all they have, during the attack my dad killed the alpha's brother and took a lot of lives, so as revenge on him, they kidnapped me. Everyone in the pack hates me because I'm a constant reminder of the things the infamous Siegel Tiberius did to them. I laugh bitterly, how can they hate me for my father's deeds? I wasn't there. I knew nothing about the attacks. A small bitter smile appears on my lips when I think about my father, he called me his Sunshine. I hold my mother's spiral sunshine necklace closer to me and a tear fall, it's all I have of her. I had a doll and a picture of us but I lost those. I left them in my small treasure box where I put important things and one day I found they were gone. I cried and searched everywhere to no avail. I feel more tears roll down my cheeks, how did my life end up like this? My father was legendary amongst rogues, he built an empire. Two voices I know very well speak and I panic "Oh my Cherry, did you see how Dylan was looking at you?" I frantically look for a way out. How do I exit the kitchen now? They will beat and insult me once they notice my presence. Around here I'm like a punching bag but to Cherry, the beta's daughter I'm more than that, she loathes me, we used to be friends but suddenly, in a blink of an eye, she developed a hatred for me, maybe it's because Dylan used to spend more time with me, Cherry has always wanted his affection since we were little. Cherry is beautiful, with long blonde hair that is shoulder length and baby blue eyes. She started living in the packhouse, making my life miserable. I sit under the counter, hopefully, they won't notice me but whom am I kidding? " What the f**k smells rotten in here?" She sneers, in a disgustingly high-pitched tone. I roll my eyes, I really can't hide from her, can I? I get up from my hiding spot, casting my eyes on my marble floor. Unfortunately for me, Aka walks in the kitchen too, the guy is a p*****t who likes to grab my ass and breast when he gets a chance, a week ago I punched him which almost resulted in my death. Aka hit me and I bled profusely. " Leave, Aka," Cherry is growling at him but the man shakes his head, sitting on the barstool. The beta's daughter groans and directs her gaze toward me. "Didn't I tell you, I don't ever want to see your face?" " I was cleaning," I snarl. Lina next to her has a scowl as she raises her finger to caress my jawline. " She's beautiful, actually," she whispers. I sneer, not wanting to be touched by her. Cherry snorts in annoyance. "Have some class, look at the rags she's wearing," Her cousin's face turns sour. " So fat, urgh disgusting," Lina growls. I inwardly roll my eyes, I'm all but fat, I don't eat like the others as I'm only allowed one meal a day or the leftovers while they feast till their heart's content. " Don't touch me," I mumble, yanking Lina's hand away from me. Her eyes widen as she stands to her full height, towering over me as I'm only 5'6ft. I touch my stinging cheek when she slaps me harder than Cherry ever did, blood spits out of my mouth. " Good," Cherry praises and comes to pull me up by my hair. " Just how dare you hit my cousin's hand away?" She asks. I growl as I force my way out of her strong grip then gasp realizing my actions and covering my mouth. They are all looking at me with surprised expressions on their face. I thought I had no wolf! Or that she left, but she growled, beautifully and powerfully. I have never shifted since I turned sixteen, I wasn't allowed but I have growled today, Meaning my wolf is still within me. I notice the two girls take a step from me and Aka fidgets uncomfortably in his chair. They swallow thickly and audibly before a voice growls. " What the f**k is going on here?" I slowly turn to the deep voice that just spoke, my lips turn up in a quirk, and after a long time, I smile. Genuinely and just then my wolf says one word. Mate

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