Second Chance Mate

second chance

Timber is a rejected orphan with no known lineage. After being traded to the most feared pack in Colorado her future was becoming more and more uncertain. Alpha Johnathon had accepted his fate to be alone after the loss of his mate. That was until an unknown scent arrived on his land. Would Timber find what she is looking for, and will Alpha Johnathon accept the change?

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Prologue  “We need to ensure the safety of our pack here, Beta. With her gone I am hopeful all the rogue attacks will stop or at least slow back down. I am fully aware I am giving her up to that pack, but I have no choice… they want a strong female and she’s just as strong as the others. Even if she doesn’t know it yet.” With sadness in his eyes, “I understand Alpha…. But will she?” placing an emphasis on will. Putting my pen down on the oak desk sitting in front of me, I leaned back in my chair rubbing my hands over my face then straight back through my dark hair before placing them on the back of my neck giving a tension releasing squeeze. After releasing a long sigh “Probably not. But she’s still…” finishing my sentence “an orphan?” the beta said.  “Yeah. An orphan. Who knows, maybe she will get answers of who and where she comes from being there. We haven’t gotten anywhere finding it out and it’s not like the pack likes her much anyway. She’s caused more trouble than good. It’s for the safety of the pack… and her. Let Alpha Johnathon have her and do what he will with her. Now get Timber ready to leave. She’s leaving in an hour.”  “Yes Alpha.” He left, leaving me to myself in my office just staring at the ceiling. ‘Luna’s not going like this, but she will respect my decision. It’s what’s best for the pack. And her. Yeah! And her!’ I kept telling myself for my own acceptance.  ……….  When the Beta came to my room to tell me I was being traded to the neighboring pack for peace, well; and prisoners I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I lived my whole life here. This was the only place I knew to be home and now I have to leave? I could feel tears forming in my eyes, but I would not dare let them out. Not in front of the Beta. Not in front of anyone!  I only had an hour to get my things together, he said and be ready to leave. He must’ve told the others because I could hear snickering and mocking from outside my door as pack members walked by. ‘she’s gonna get what she deserves’ ‘Yep, probably a dungeon home’. ‘I heard the alpha of the neighboring pack doesn’t take kindly to outsiders.’ ‘Especially orphans’ I heard a group say as they slowly walked by. Knowing they wanted me to hear them. ‘if they wanted a strong female, they definitely should not be sending her!’ another person said snickering as they walked through the hall over pronouncing not. ‘now we’ll be getting rid of her ugly face’ I heard my rejected-mate say.  These words hurt, but even I knew them to be true.  I wasn’t loved or at that much liked by any of them. I was an omega. Since I had no past lineage to give me my place, that was the only title I was allowed to have.  I’ve heard some packs treat their omegas good because they are still pack members, but not here. Omegas are like the filth that gets on the floors or the fungus that builds up after too much water. We are the servants and workers in this pack. I do know some Omegas here that are treated with some dignity and a little respect, but not me. I’m considered less than an Omega because I am also an orphan. Being an orphan Omega… might as well kill me right now.  That’s a bad combination in any pack. No lineage. No family and the lowest pack placement.  I honestly don’t know how I lasted this long with all that in my corner. I am weak, small, without family or heritage, and an Omega. Good goddess what have you done to me? I get knocked back into reality when the Beta comes in and growls orders at me. “Aren’t you done yet? It’s not like you have a lot of thiiings” he says annoyed and impatient emphasizing lot while drawing out things.  “Sorry Beta. Yes sir, I’m ready” I say keeping my eyes low and head lower. Never looking straight at him. I grabbed my bag in my hands while he is rushing me out of the room by my wrist. Looking straight ahead like a man on a mission.  Only disgust on his face. He held on so tight it hurt. I had tears welling up in my eyes. It hurt that bad. No tears. Not today I said over and over in my head. “Good ridden” he said before throwing me in the car so hard my head hit the other side and he closed the door never looking directly at me.   The car stopped just outside the border. Beta opened the door, grabbed me by my arm and threw me out of the car so roughly I landed on the ground face first. “Stay here. Don’t move. Someone will be coming to get you.” He said so matter-of-factly with no expression as he tossed my bag on the ground next to me.  He turned to get back in the car “y-y-you’re leaving me out here alone?!” I mustered enough courage to say, frightened being in the middle of nowhere. “like, anyone would actually want you” he sneered emphasizing actually and you as he was getting in the car.  He left so quickly he caused dirt and rocks to shoot out from under the tires as they squealed away quickly.  Leaving me there all alone on the side of the road. In the middle of nowhere. Well not actually alone, because I have my wolf Karin here with me; well when she wants to show up anyhow. I looked up to see a car approaching. Oh! someone please help me… here I go to the unknown.

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