Seekers of the Crypt; the Lost Artifact

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After finding out that her uncle went missing in one of his expeditions, Garie received a tip from an anonymous sender. It was a clue of the whereabouts of the legendary missing artifact that their family has been after for years, along with her uncle’s photo.

To find her uncle, she has to follow the clue and embark on a thrilling and dangerous exploration in Iran. With the help of her friends and the other members of the Seeker families and the sinister character that they met along the way; they went into a tomb under the scorching desert, to find the missing team and the artifact.

But will they succeed? Are the knowledge and abilities they have enough for them to survive? Who is the sinister character that joined them? Is there someone pulling the strings and planned everything?

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Seekers of the Crypt- The Background
Once upon a time, just after the Second World War; five groups of archaeology teams explored an unknown and dangerous gravesite. Accidents happened as they uncovered some secrets and everyone in those teams died except for the leaders of each group. Of those survivors, one betrayed the others and disappeared without a trace. And from the remaining four, a secret organization was built. It consists of the four families of the four survivors and they were called the Seekers. They explore ancient tombs, and uncover secrets, history, and hidden treasures; but at the same time, they also protect them. The rules and lore of the organization were passed down from generation to generation, and even if time passed and each member has their profession, they still go back to tomb raiding and exploration. The Five Families ·Beauford- The wealthy family that came from England. Since their forbearer survived the first tomb exploration, some from their bloodline gained a special ability. Those who gained that gene have special blood that made them immune to any kind of poison, natural or man-made. Their wounds are also tending to heal faster than ordinary. Their traits also include resilience and they are also very smart. In modern times, the Beauford family now owns a chain of hotels, resorts, and casinos, a hospital, and a Shipping line. And the one running it at the moment is the current eldest member of the family which is Michael Beauford. While his twin, Milton Beauford continued the archeological legacy of their grandfather and the ones that came before them. The eldest son who was supposed to become the head of the family died with his wife, leaving his three-year-old daughter – Margareth, or Garie as she wanted to be called. Since she is the only heir of the family, she has to work on learning the ropes of their business. But still, her interests lie in archaeology, and she likes working as a private museum curator. Margareth was also born from a union of two families that belonged to the Seekers. Her late father is from the Beauford family while her late mother is from the gates family. Given that, she inherited the Beauford’s miracle blood and their wits, as well as the Gates’ photographic memory and ability to see in the dark. ·Gates- The family that came from America. They are a family of educators, and they were known to have the photographic memories that they passed down to their offspring, together with their undeniable wits and the ability to see well in the dark. Aside from being excellent educators, their family also owns a few private schools and private airlines. The eldest supposed to be was Milena who was married to a Beauford. But when she died, the position was passed down to her younger brother, Henry who handles both the family businesses and their part in the Seekers organization. The heir to the Gates family – Hunter is more focused on his teaching profession; he is a professor at Princeton that teaches Philosophy. But he takes great interest in archaeology and still manages to provide help when it comes to Seeker's business. ·Zhang- The wealthy family from Suzhou, China. They are a huge family that focuses on antiquities and tomb raiding. They are also known for being the best when it comes to combat, and sword fighting. Since the forbearer’s survival in the tomb raiding incident, their bloodline developed a special ability within their genes. Their blood becomes poison to others to the extent that it can repel insects and other animals. And each member of the family that inherits the same ability has given a tattoo of a scorpion on their left chest and a flying dragon that hovers over the scorpion. The dragon's body extended towards the arm like it was coiled around it. Their family owns a chain of Michelin star Chinese restaurant chains, luxurious traditional Chinese hotel chains, shopping malls, and a high-end auction house. The head of the family, Zhang Yi Shang is the current oldest seat taker among the Seekers founding families and the leader. He is stern and very strict when it comes to the rules of the organization. He was also one of the last ones to gain the ability of the Zhang family. He didn’t pass it to his two sons, but his only grandson – Zhang Jin Qiang, or James as he likes to be called. James is a surgeon by profession but he was trained by his grandfather in the ropes of the organization, its rules, and many more so he can take over the position when the time has come. He grew up close to his uncle as his father died when he was young. He can be as stern as his grandfather, but he knows when to bend when it comes to the girl he loves. ·Moore- The family that came from Victoria, Australia. Their family was known to be the most innovative. They have been around the development business since the very start, and most of the offspring born in their family were known for their outstanding intelligence and excellent sense of hearing. Their business is consists of manufacturing electronics, gadgets, and different software. They also recently ventured into automotive manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. Their company has been partners with the businesses of the three other Seekers' families. The head of the Moore family and the current CEO of their company- Luke Moore has been the ears and eyes of the Seekers as he provides them Intel using the software that he developed solely for the organization. He may work behind the scenes and never once step foot in a tomb, but his son – Levi has been working closely with Garie when it comes to archaeology. Levi is considered to be a genius when he graduated from MIT at a very early age and has been one of the best engineers their company ever had. He may be innocent and naive and likes working in the safety of his workshop, but when a location piqued his interest, he will surely go, along with his top-of-the-line gadgets. ·Rosocov- They are the vicious family from Russia; the fifth family that betrayed them during the first tomb exploration. They are power-hungry and greedy people that are after all the knowledge and treasures buried deep within each tomb. Their family is also best known for having a group of assassins. The family’s greed and hunger for power have evolved and now they are considered first-class mobsters. They have founded an organization called грабберы, which means Grabbers in English. They run casinos and research facilities, but in underground business, they deal with illegal trafficking and stealing treasures from different ancient tombs and archaeological sites.

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