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I was walking through the mall, looking for more baby stuff to buy on my checklist, when I saw Erick walking with a beautiful red-haired woman. He saw me and did his best of looking the other way, pretending he didn't even know me. "Stupid dickhead." I muttered. My eyes were teary, I was bloated like a whale, eight months pregnant carrying all of my baby stuff. I didn't see her until I dropped all my bags, with all the baby stuff scattered around the floor. I was wiping my tears roughly. I was upset, mad at myself. For even being upset, for seeing Erick with another woman. "Hey, sorry...are you okay. God! You're f*****g pregnant. Damn! This will be bad karma for me. Come let me help you up. It's my fault. Definitely my fault. Not yours. No pregnant woman is to blame." I finally laughed at her babbling. "I'm okay. You don't have to..." I said to the babbling beautiful woman in front of me. "No, f*****g way. I have to. It's my karma. Sorry for cursing a lot. I just joined this yoga thingy and it teaches us karma and stuff. Well, you're it. I'm helping you out. I'm Emilie by the way. Emilie Dubois. Nice to meet you. Here, let me help you with that. Hey, how about coffee or lunch, come on. My treat for bumping into you." Emilie winked, making me smiled. "Okay, I guess. I don't want to ruin your karma thing. I'm Amber, Amber McKenzie." From then on, I was inseparable from Emilie. Turned out we went to the same college and at the same time but had different studies that were why we never met. ***** "My god Amber this is f*****g happening. f**k. I'm so tense. Damn Jane! How do we do this?!" Jane was laughing her ass off, looking at the panicked state of Emilie. "Damn girl! Relaxed, we have been trained for this. I got her bag on the loft, we will drive her to the hospital. Come you take Amber to the car, I'll lock up the shop and get her bag and we will call her grandparents on our way there." Jane explained to Emilie. "Now breathe. No, Amber, you're doing great honey, I'm talking to Emilie. She looks more in labor than you are, right now. You're doing perfect Amber. You got this. We will help Emilie too, don't you worry girl." I was laughing now. Emilie looked so stressed out already. Fifteen minutes later we arrived at the hospital, I was ushered to the delivery room where I was later examined by my doctor. Emilie was pacing back and forth until my grandparents arrived. She gave them her tight hug making them laughed. "It's all good Emilie. We got this. Come let me get you some coffee. You're having too much stress. Gail honey, please tend to our little daisy." Grandpa was ushering her to the cafeteria and decided to stay there until the good news. Which turned out, was delivered eight hours later. Emilie insisted on staying there not wanting to go home, pacing back and forth like a true baby daddy. "Oh my god, Amber you scared me! No more pregnancy for you!" They all laughed at Emilie. She was kicked out of my room when I previously was in labor. Because Emilie started cursing to hell and back, every time I had a contraction, and it annoyed the nurses. "Oh my god look at this little thing, he's so tiny...oh hello baby, I'm your best aunty Emilie. Well, maybe you can have another one. Just one, okay Amber." They all laughed again at her. ******** "Morning Jane, how are we today?" I was entering the shop with my little bundle, sleeping soundly in his stroller. "Oh my god, he's so cute. You make me want to make babies Amber!" I laughed at her, making the little guy moved his feet, but settled back down seconds later. "Amber! Hurry up we got to drop him at your grandparents before going to our class." We had been going to a hot yoga class. I needed my strength with juggling between work, and the baby. These past six months had been hell for me. The first three months I had baby blues, making Emilie decided to move in with me. And kept a close eye on me, and comforting me. I would tell her stories about Erick, how I loved him, how he abandoned me. Then I started working again, trying to find the rhythm between breastfeeding, and doing corporate calls to clients. I was too easily tired. Until one day Emilie insisted I tried on a hot yoga class, where I found peace and whole-body strength at the same time. "Thank you for suggesting this Emi." At that same hot yoga place, was where we met Amanda and Angelica. They were doing it to get hot. "Did you know that the humidity helped you clean your pores, as it opens up when we sweat naturally? Then there are the breathings, seriously girls I've been enjoying being on top because of our breathing exercises." We were giggling on the corner coffee shop, just outside of the hot yoga place. "Oh my god! Not to mention flexibility, the s****l positions! I'm more open to more s****l suggestions now." Amanda joined our conversation, making us laughed, and gaining some looks from other tables. "Hey, why don't we all went out clubbing all four of us. Come on, it's the weekend. I bet we can cast a wider net." Angelica was giggling at her own devious plan. "My baby..." Angelica immediately shut up, forgetting about my condition as a single parent. "Amber, it has been six months. You need this. No alcohol for you obviously, you can be our designated driver. Come on? Married couples start having s*x after their first month. But you, oh my... I don't even want to know." Emilie rubbed my hand. But I could definitely count, must be more than a year already. "You need to get laid, young momma. With your hot body, no one would even know you just had a baby. You got your implant after Marc's birth, now is your time. Look, just dipped your toes okay? You don't have to go all out tonight." Emilie tried to convince me one last time. I finally sighed and caved in. "Okay, okay... I'll try it out. I'll dip my toes. But that will be it. I have responsibilities." They all cheered for me as I get the strength, and spirit back little by little. 
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