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"Grandma please, I'm okay. You are not pushing me away. I don't want to go out with the girls tonight. I missed my Marc." I actually had just spent the whole day with Marc, and he was already asleep in his crib. "Amber honey, you need to live your life. You're still young. We will take care of Marc for you. He's already asleep anyway. Just do this for me? You looked so happy the last time you went out with the girls." I sighed, I did enjoy my time with them. They surely knew how to have a good time. "Okay, but please call me if anything happened okay? I'm going to my place and change. I'm coming back for Marc first thing tomorrow morning. I love you both, you know that right. Thank you." I hugged my grandparents and said goodbye to them. I texted the girls and then joined them at the club two hours later. "Amber! You look, sexy woman. Only you can make knee-length skirts so sinful. Those baby curves sure do you justice." Amanda was praising me, she was drunk already. Making Emilie and Angelica laughed at her. A couple of hours later, I finally relent as one handsome dark-haired guy asked me to dance. The girls were cheering for me. I was grinding him in no time his hands were all over me. I started kissing him. God. This feels so good. It's been too long. Maybe I should just do this and get this over with. He kissed me back and started trailing his hands to my waist. The girls were watching me intensely. They even turned down dance offers from guys just to make sure they would saw the historical event where I finally took a guy to f**k. And the wait was worth it, I was hand in hand with the guy, saying my goodbye to the girls. They kept their face as straight as they could. Then finally burst out cheering, when I was five feet away. I could still hear them, as I grinned at my guy for that night. Then it became a weekly thing, where they would regroup every weekend and go out clubbing. I kept everything as professional as my work. No attachment, no house calls, just one night of adulterated activities, meaning lots and lots of s*x. Then back to my comfortable life of being a single mom. My business was thriving. Marc the cutest, he was healthy and happy. My friends were the greatest. My s****l life was complete. I had various s****l encounters, thanks to my closest friends. I was nervous when Claudia came on to me, yet I was hooked instantly. Her charming personality, her s****l advances. It was totally different than being in a relationship with a guy. "You're beautiful babe, you know that right?" This was the one thing that Claudia would always chant in my ear. Her soft lips would play between my neck and my ear, leaving me wanting for more. I was bending my rules, and giving it a chance to try my luck with Claudia. Never in my life, I would think a woman could fulfill me. The s*x was amazing, beyond anything I ever felt. But it lasted three months, I was devastated. I actually felt something towards her. Turned out I was not the only one, Claudia was exclusive with. "That b***h! I'm going to hang her for this. She will never go near you again. Ever." Angelica was hugging me, comforting me. "I'm good Ange. I can do this. I have all of you behind me. Let's just go out. I need the buzz in my system. I'm going all out tonight." "Are you sure babe?" Emilie asked me. "Yes, I'm done with breastfeeding. Marc had enough of me. Since a couple of days ago." "Woohoo. We're taking a cab then. Let's go girls." Amanda ushered us quickly. That night I forgot about everything. I had enough of guys, and girls, of all relationship. I was just done with any romantic relationship. I would take everything short and sexy now. I was wild. But came morning, I was back to the responsible single mom, with my own business to run. I had become more cynical in life, more feisty towards my s****l endeavors. More aggressive in my business dealings. I had changed drastically in the last year. "You are going to f**k me hard tonight." I slurred my words, to my dancing partner. He tensed immediately in my hands. I winked seductively at him. I grabbed his hand and said goodbye to the girls. I texted his address to the group chat along with his name, while I still remembered him, Chad. I was with Chad. He looked expensive enough to be devoured. And I was not disappointed, looking at his bachelor pad. "Nice place Chad. So, where do you want to do me?" I took off my pumps, leaving my covered stocking feet touching the lush carpet. He was behind me in no time. His kisses were intoxicating, he was ruggedly handsome and he knows it. "All over the place darling, let me get this dress off of you first." I was naked and on top of him, on the sofa. I was riding him hard and fast, he came in his d**k covered condom inside me. Then he was under me, feasting me over and over again until I finally climax. "Men. So good. I'm back to doing men." Sighing, as I was climbing down from my intense orgasm. Damn! he gave mean kisses. "You my darling, have the body to be pleasured by a man." He was sweet-talking me. He obviously knew what he was doing. He was spreading my legs in no time, tearing up the foil and rolling it to his d**k. He was back to f*****g me, making me screamed his name. "Hard baby, f**k yes! Give it to me like a man. Fuck." There was more grunting and groaning until we fell apart and dropped down to the sofa. With f*****g Chad, I finally put Claudia to the back of my mind. I was doing it. I was losing myself into a stronger being. Building my wall up higher with each failure of my relationship.   
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