Her Heartbroken Second Chance Mate

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Who the he.ll do you think you are to talk to me like that?" Dylan roared on the phone.

"First of all, don't you ever dare hang up on me again, you jerk! It's your son we are talking about right now. Do you honestly believe you are the only one hurt by Blue's mother's absence? Have you ever thought about what your absence would do to that little boy when you moved on with your life without him when your mate died? Your ego is much bigger than what I had first thought. You are a pathetic excuse for a father, Dylan Hayes. You don't deserve to be Blue's father, and you better not show up on his birthday or else I will kick your a.ss,"

Karla angrily replied and hung up the phone.

Dylan punched his fist on his desk. Who gave that woman the right to talk to him like that? What was her name again? Karla? Who was she? Inexplicable feelings arose in his heart. He felt the need to face a woman for the first time after five years-not because of lust-he was curious to see who was so brave to dare talk to him like that. Dylan smirked at the thought and called his secretary,

"Cancel all my meetings for the weekend. I will be out of reach."

"Let's see if you dare talk to me like that when we meet face to face, Karla," he thought, and his emerald eyes turned even brighter. Excitement made his heart beat faster in his chest. For the first time, he felt alive again.

When Karla hung up the phone, her hands were shaking from anger.

Who did he think he was to deprive a baby boy of his father's warmth just because he wanted to stay alone after his mate's death? What a disgusting man! Heartless, egoistic creature!

Karla didn't realise that her gesture to convince Dylan Hayes to appear on his son's birthday would bring her world upside down. Will she be able to deal with the sexy, handsome, and heartbroken widower who was her second chance mate? Will she find the strength to reveal her secret to him?

Will Dylan be able to accept that the Moon Goddess mated him once more with a human? Or will he miss his chance to be happy again and stay alone for the rest of his life?

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