Tough Warrior in Galaxy

high-tech world
weak to strong

As the only surviving object in the experiment, Qin Luo is born to be different.

To disguise the fact that he is still alive, his parents who are forced to be the experimenters fight against the government and become fugitives.

They hide behind fake identities and live a poor abandoned planet.

Even so, the spaceship of the government arrives at their house.

His parents are under rest and sentenced to death.

Qin Luo makes his words to revenge...for the innocent experiment objects, for his parents, for himself.


Attention please: It is a MTL novel and we proofread the beginning part.

Release rate: 5 chapters per week

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1 No.18 Xianglan Street
In 2389 of the Federal Calendar, there was a long-lost heavy rain on Stan's Star. The sky shrouded in black haze throughout the year broke into a little sunlight, bringing a touch of warmth to this planet that had long been abandoned by the Roland Federation. No. 18 Xianglan Street used to be the most prosperous shopping plaza in Stan Star, but now it has withered and declined and has become the home of vagrants. On the huge square lay many vagrants. Some of them were asleep with their eyes closed, some lighted inferior cigarettes and smoked silently, and a strong breath of decadence gradually spread from these people. The whole star, even the rats in the sewers are listless. These vagrants have a unified nickname: Organman. Most of the time, they waited boringly, until the spacecraft organized by K arrived, and exchanged their organs for a ticket to leave Stan. Of course, there are exceptions. For example, when the signboard made of cardboard in the square is erected, the numb eyes of these vagrants will be more glamorous. Under the sign is a short teenager, about eighteen or nine years old. His black hair was cut very short, a thin face with a sickly white, good looks but not handsome, the only outstanding is probably that A pair of bright eyes. "Qin Luo's storytime has begun!" the young man said loudly, posing as a weird posture. This appearance caused the vagrants in the square to laugh, and even some older vagrants rubbed his hair indulgently. About eighteen years ago, a couple brought Qin Luo, who was a baby, to Steinstar and opened an electrical store in the city of Steinstar. Since remembering, Qin Luo has spoken to the vagrants in the square about the federation news every day. For example, the federal army has captured another planet, the story between the congressman of the capital star and his secret lover, and the great Mr. President was revealed to have illegitimate daughters... "Qin Luo, you have to tell us something special today, such as how the councilor got his secret lover, haha..." "Yes, I am very interested in what they do in bed!" "Yes, I heard that the ladies of Capital Star are very sexy. I will get one if I go to Capital Star in the future. Even if I die on her belly, it's worth it!" Hearing these words, Qin Luo smiled brightly, turned on his smart light screen, and skilfully browsed the federal news webpage, and soon found what these vagrants were interested in. "Well, I will tell you something erotic, so that you can also know that I am not a child, and I am grown up now!" Qin Luo cleared his throat and laughed, and there was a burst of laughter in the square, and even some wanderings. The reader also whistled. At this moment, a roar came from the sky, a huge shadow blocked the only sunlight, and a military spacecraft about 500 meters long fell slowly, and the entrained air current rolled up the dust on the ground. It wasn't until the spacecraft landed smoothly that it showed its true colors. The pure white hull with dark black wings resembled an ancient airplane. There are dozens of laser cannons on both sides of the hull, enough to ensure the safety of the spacecraft. The door of the ship opened slowly, and a lady in a black sea beast fur coat walked out slowly. She is not tall and has a nice face, but because of the erosion of time and cosmetics, there are some black spots on her face. Even thick foundation can't cover-up. "Ravis, this is the warehouse you are talking about? The goods are not outstanding." The lady frowned and said to the man who was bent over. The man was tall and handsome. A black suit made his body more outstanding. He lowered his head and replied: "Dear Viscountess, I can assure you that although the appearance of these organman is not good, they are physically good. The function meets the standard." The Viscountess didn't reply anymore. Her original intention was not for these human tools, but for another purpose. Her gaze had already been looking towards the back of the square. A trace of displeasure appeared between Ravis's eyebrows, but it was quickly submerged. He strode to the square and shouted loudly, "Now those who want to leave Stanstar can sign up here. The price is to pay for their own eyes!" Hearing these words, many vagrants showed emotions, and then I didn’t know who rushed out first. Then all vagrants came like a tide, raising their arms high and shouting: “I’m coming, I’m leaving here!” Qin Luo clenched his fists and looked at all this angrily. After a long time, he exhaled, released his hand and turned away. In the ten years of coming to Steinstar, he has seen too many vagrants leave. Go, but who knows that those who lost their vital organs are just waiting for death in another place. Passing through the square on the 18th of Xianglan Street is the only place alive on Stan Star because there are two or three big trees with greenery on the streets. This is the place where the old people who are unwilling to leave the planet alive, and Qin Luo also lives here with his parents. Only ten minutes’ walk away, Qin Luo saw the familiar metal house. The first floor is a display frame made of floor-to-ceiling bulletproof glass. Through the glass, you can see all kinds of household appliances. A middle-aged man outside the door was wearing a flamboyant flip-flop with a cigarette in his mouth, with Erlang's legs tilted up, a flat-inch head with a large piece of silver cream, his fingers flying like a small light screen in his hand. "Dad, I'm back!" Qin Luo stepped forward and hooked the middle-aged man's neck with a smile. Qin Wuyan put down the small object in his hand and glared at Qin Luo: "You have grown into a man but still act like as a kid. Hurry into the house, your mother has already cooked the food." Entering the room, there is a small metal table in a small space. A beautiful woman is putting plates of synthetic meals on the table. This synthetic meal was born two hundred years ago, although it contains human essentials. The nutrition, but the taste is really hard to compliment. The family was preparing to have a meal. The viscountess quietly appeared outside the metal room. Qin Wuyan raised his head and glanced, a trace of anger flashed past. "Luo, you go upstairs to eat, and I will serve a customer." Qin Wuyan said lightly. Qin Luo just wanted to fight, but was stopped by his dad's stern eyes, and had to walk up to the second floor with his plate, but squatted down carefully in the stairwell, looking downstairs through the gap. The Viscountess walked the house with a smile, walked around in the electrical showroom, and then looked at Qin Wuyan and his wife with a smile: "Mr. and Mrs. Qin, long time no see!" "I never thought you could find us!" Qin Wuyan lit a cigarette and sat on the sofa. His wife gently took his hand, and the power from her hand showed her inner tension. Qin Wuyan could only smile slightly, signaling his wife to feel relieved. The Viscountess also sat down and lowered her head to play with her nails: "Mr. Qin, you escaped so fast back then. You can live with peace of mind for more than ten years in the federal hunt. I am afraid that only Mr. Qin can do it." "After running away for so long, haven't you found it? Are you here to take us to claim the credit?" Qin Wuyan mocked. Eighteen years ago, after the test failed, Qin Wuyan took his family and prepared to escape from the Federation. It was because the woman named Mo Lan secretly informed the government that he had to rush into Steinstar to escape the pursuit. Thinking of this, Qin Wuyan wanted to tear apart the woman in front of him. "Eighteen years ago, you made me a Viscountess, I don't think you would mind satisfy my ambition again." Mo Lan still smiled. Qin Wuyan put the cigarette in his hand into the ashtray and smashed out, gently holding his wife's shoulders: "If I don't leave? Do you think you can stop us?" Mo Lan's face changed slightly. She knew that the couple in front of her was hailed as the most talented scientist in the 100th year of the Federation, but this seemingly ordinary electrical store had hidden murderous intentions, and even those energy lamps placed on the table could be instantaneous. Become the most deadly weapon. "If you don't go, I will let the whole Stan star be buried with you!" Mo Lan's voice instantly became cold. Qin Wuyan narrowed his eyes and looked at the woman in front of him. He knew how cold the woman's heart was. This reason seemed absurd, but she hit his weakness and let him out a sigh of relief. "Give me a day." "Okay! I'll give you one day. I believe Mr. Qin will not deceive me." After saying these words, Mo Lan stood up and prepared to leave. Her eyes seemed to inadvertently glance at Qin Luo who was hiding on the second floor. At a glance, Qin Luo was like falling into the ice cellar.

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