Wolfless Alpha Finds Her Mate in the Alpha King

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enimies to lovers

Athena is a female alpha whose wolf is mysteriously dormant. She leads a small wolf pack in the mountains of this historic fantasy world. She is incredibly powerful as a warrior, and intelligent, despite her wolf being dormant. A nearby pack wants to take them over, thinking their Athena is weak. Alpha Felix is the Alpha of the Kingdom Pack, the ruling pack over all wolves in this world. He catches wind that Lotus Moon, a small pack near his central kingdom may be under attack, so he plans a visit to see if he can prevent violence in his kingdom. What he doesn’t plan for, however, is that Athena is his mate.

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Chapter 1
Note, I have a preference for more “historical” fantasy novels so there isn’t any modern technology in this world! :) Chapter 1: Athena POV. I rubbed my temples in frustration. I sat in my office contemplating everything going on in my pack. My pack was small, however I knew our warriors could compete with the best of them. Everyone here was fiercely loyal, and I knew they would die for this pack before asking to be transferred to another. It was more than I deserved. My father passed away when I was 18, leaving only me to be in charge of this pack of wolf shifters. He was beloved, and even though his pack was small, we were fierce and well-known for having some of the best warriors in the kingdom. When he passed, the elders held a vote to see if the pack agreed that I was the best Alpha candidate, and to my absolute astonishment, they all voted me into power. My pack was behind me one hundred percent,but there was just one thing. My wolf has been dormant since I was a little girl. I was 26 now, and my wolf hadn’t made an appearance throughout the entirety of my Alpha reign. I was one of the strongest fighters in my pack, even though I cannot shift. I’ve learned to make do with swords, and daggers, and bow and arrow, and my aim was deadly. No one in my pack can beat me in combat, even if they shift. I’ve more than earned their respect. The nearby packs, however, view me as an easy target. Since my takeover, packs have targeted us more than once. We’ve always come out victorious, but our luck was bound to run out. Currently, the Dagger Walker pack was after me. They know if they can take me down, my pack would have no choice but to follow them. My territory was also one of the best within hundreds of miles, being situated in the mountains, and everyone knew it. I’ve given my pack so many opportunities to elect another Alpha, just so that the nearby packs wouldn’t see a wolf-less female in charge, and they won’t hear of it. They are too loyal. And now I’m worried that their loyalty to me will cost them their lives. A knock on my door broke me from my thoughts. “Come in,” I called. Griffin, my beta, came in and sat down in one of the beige chairs in my office. He was huge, even by wolf standard, and nearly my polar opposite. He had golden skin, and dark shoulder length hair that he kept pulled back neatly at the nape of his neck. He’s been my beta since I took over. He towered over me at 6 foot four, since I was only 5 foot 3 on a good day. “Athena, have you thought about what to do about the Dagger Walker pack?” Griffin asked me. I shook my head as I pushed my bright, nearly white hair behind my shoulder. That hair came to my waist, and was in compliment to my eyes that were so blue they nearly appeared white. “I guess keep doing what we have been doing. This pack is more aggressive than the others though, so I want additional warriors on watches at all times” I said and Griffin nodded. “Of course, Alpha.” Griffin said, and I smiled. Griffin volunteered to be my Beta the second I took over, and I took him in a heartbeat. He was one of my strongest, and my smartest. “Thank you Griffin.” I said, as another knock came to my door. “Come in.” I called, and Oliver, one of my pack members, walked in. He shook his messy dark blonde hair out of his eyes, and he was of course shirtless. He must have been on watch. “Alpha, a message just came from the Kingdom Pack.” Oliver said, passing me a folded note that had an intact wax seal. My eyes widened as I took in the crest on the front. It was indeed from the Kingdom Pack. They were the ruling wolf pack, all wolves ultimately had to answer to them, their Alpha our king. Their official territory was also right on our border. We were a small pack, they were massive, and of course the ruling pack over all wolves. It was intimidating to say the least. “I wonder what they want from us?” Griffin asked, and I couldn’t help but agree. “Nothing good, I’m sure.” I said, and popped the seal. I read the message, and I couldn’t have been more surprised. “The king is coming here, to Lotus Moon.” I said, breathless, and Griffin immediately slid to the front of his seat, elbows on his knees, giving me his full attention. “Whatever for?” He asked, worry and a slight tinge of anger in his eyes. He wasn’t keen with the Kingdom Pack having eyes on us, and I wasn’t either. With one order they could absorb us into their territory, rendering us powerless. “To support us against the Dagger Walker pack.” I said, and both Griffin and Oliver looked incredibly confused. “They want to solve this without violence.” “You don’t sound all too pleased by this, Alpha.” Griffin said, not at all a question, but a statement. And he was correct, as usual. “I’m of course worried why they are choosing now to get involved. I don’t understand it when they haven’t really gotten involved up until now. Maybe it has just gone on too far for them to ignore.” I told them and they both nodded. “They are to arrive in two days. Until then, make sure we are at least doubling warriors on watch. It is going to stretch us a bit thin everywhere else, but it's better than us being caught unaware.” I said, and Griffin nodded again. “Of course. Where would you like me?” He asked and I thought about it for just a second. “Be in command during the day, I’ll take overnights. That way there will always be one of us in direct command at all times.” I instructed and he nodded and stood. “Understood. I’ll get the necessary adjustments made in the schedule. If you want to start tonight, make sure you get some rest at some point today.” He said, and I gave him a small smile. I knew he worried about me straining myself. I have always tried to take on almost too much. Being a small pack, sometimes there isn’t enough personnel to go around. “I will try, now go, both of you.” I teased and they were both out the door, Griffin giving me one more final look that I know was telling me to not overdo it. He knew I could take care of myself, but my biggest downfall was making sure I got enough rest and fuel. I set the note from the Kingdom Pack on my dark wood desk and sighed. This was going to be a long few days.

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