Beta Twisted Bonds - The Silver Canines Pack Series - {Book 2}

opposites attract


Yuri Mora - she-wolf - Beta

Yuri - POV:

As I look around, I see many of those around me finding their mates and getting married. It makes me feel lost and alone after the demise of my mother, who was not only my family but also my friend. Despite Alpha Silas and Luna Elena taking me under their wing, I have been desperate to find my mate, but my search has been in vain. Until today, when I learned the truth that I am cursed, and that is the reason for my inability to find my mate.

Dragon King Drake Walker - POV:

As soon as, I met Elena Hayes, I fell head over heels in love with her. Unfortunately, she has chosen another mate, and I have to move on. I am the last dragon of my species, and though finding a bride or mate was challenging, when I learned that my past enemies were coming to kill me, I was glad that I had no one by my side. I will take my revenge on my clan, as I have nothing left to lose.

Omega Mac Miller - Silver Canines Pack - POV:

Yuri, the beta of our pack, has piqued my wolf's interest, but I am not sure if she is my mate. Even though my status is lower than Yuri's, as an omega, I am stronger than other omegas and gammas in our pack. Alpha Silas has even offered to change my omega title to Gamma, but I refused to do so. I want other gammas in our pack to know that they should never look down on the Omegas.

Yuri is cursed, and she does not feel the same attraction toward me as I do towards her. But what is this strange sensation that I get when I see her? Could she be my fated mate?


Yuri learns she is a hybrid wolf, with half-dragon blood, which is the reason for her curse. However, she is unaware of her fate. She has two mates, but only one of them is her true fated mate, and the other is only temporary due to the curse. The question now is, which of them is her true fated mate?

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Prologue Yuri's POV I blinked in disbelief at Alpha Silas' words, and Mac looked at me with his usual poker face. "Elena told you?" I asked, trying to wrap my head around the news. "Elena can see through the threads, and even Emily is working with her. I'm not sure what they both have figured out," Alpha Silas explained gently, looking at me with concern. I lowered my gaze, feeling overwhelmed. Suddenly, Elena's voice interrupted our conversation. "What's going on?" she asked, looking at me with concern. Her droopy gaze turned into alarm as she realized what we were discussing. "You told her, Silas," she scolded him. "I did a favor. It scared you to bring this up to Yuri," Alpha Silas defended himself. "I was going to tell her myself. We were supposed to say it together and have a good time. And did you also inform me that Mac's wolf is attracted to Yuri's?" Elena's tone was accusatory, and I could feel my face turning red with embarrassment. "What? Mac, is this true?" I turned to him, hoping that he would deny it, but his emerald gaze held an emotion that I couldn't quite comprehend. "The cats are out of the bag," Mac said, sounding defeated. As I was processing this new information, Emily's voice suddenly entered the conversation through Elena's mind link. "Yuri, do you recall anything about your father?" she asked, and Alpha Silas looked uncomfortable. I wondered why. Elena's eyes widened in shock, as if she were reading Alpha Silas' mind. "He was the beta of the pack and died from illness," I muttered, trying to remember what I knew about my father. "Yuri, I am sorry to break it to you. Your father was a human who held a dragon bloodline," Emily revealed, her tone sympathetic. "The reason for the curse is that you have two bloodlines." I hissed in disbelief. "What nonsense! This can't be true," I protested, feeling overwhelmed by all the new information. ********* Character names for those who have not Read Alpha Silas, Human Luna The Silver canines pack Alpha Silas Ford, Luna Elena Hayes Ford, Emily Ford Mother of Alpha Silas Drake Walker - Dragon King Mac Miller - Omega of the Pack

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