The Prince's Rejected Mate

second chance
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She wasn't really looking for her mate but found him anyway.

He rejected her and ordered her not to tell. He cheated on her and caused her pain not caring at all.

After shifting and going for a run and seeing something she wished she hadn't she ran.

She left her family, friends, and pack. After leaving she finds out just how strong she really is.

Meeting new friends she also finds she is destined for greatness and finds a second chance at love.

Will she accept her destiny and find her happiness with this second chance?

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My name is Mia Daniels I have a twin brother named Max we will be eighteen this Saturday not only will we shift for the first time but we will also find our mates. We are both excited we have always wanted our mates ever since mom and dad explained it to us. We are known around the pack as the Beta twins since our father is the Beta once he steps down my brother will be the next Beta. His best friend Evan will be our next alpha he is off doing alpha training but once he comes back he will become the next alpha.    "Mia are you awake dear you and your brother don't wanna be late on your first day of school", my says knocking on my door. "Yeah mom I'm awake and dressed already all be down in a minute", I shout while taking on last look in my mirror before deciding I looked perfect.  "Hey nerd took you long enough", Alex says as I sit down at the table. " Whatever let's pretend you don't spend hours fixing your hair", I shoot back throwing some eggs at him. "Yeah but unlike you, I get up early to do my thing", he growls back playfully. "Settle down I don't want another food fight at my table", mom shouts waving her spatula around. "Listen to your mother settle down", dad says walking in and taking his seat at the table. "So are you two excited for Saturday", my dad asks as mom brings dad his food and takes her seat beside him. "Oh hell yeah me and Eli can't wait", Max shouts with a mouthful of food causing dad to laugh. "What about you princess are you excited about shifting and meeting your mate", my asks looking at me. "Yeah but Ariel and I are kind of nervous to we watch Jenna shift last month and it looked painful", I say remembering her screams. "Yes it is painful the first time but afterwards it is truly wonderful", mom says happily," and your mate makes it easier for you", she continues. "Oh he is you, Jenna and Amber still going shopping for dresses today", Max asks changing the subject. "Yeah, we are why what's up", I ask getting up from the table to take my plate to the kitchen. "Well I was hoping I could go with you guys I think my mate is in the pack and I wanna get her something for when I find her", he says making my eyes go wide. "Oh max I'm so happy for you who do you think it is", I ask bouncing with happiness for my brother.  "I don't really wanna say in case I'm wrong but I will tell you if it's who I think it is you'll be really excited and she'll make a great beta female", he says with a lot of love in those green eyes of his. "Yeah you can come with us but my dress choice is mine no overprotective big brother crap from you and Eli", I tell him pointing my finger making Ariel laugh. "Okay and thanks I promise but please don't get a dress too revealing", he sighs. "You know as well as dad does I don't dress slutty now come on we're gonna be late", I say walking off. "So you riding with me or are you driving today", max asks as the door gets flung open. "Hey girl ready to get this show on the road", Jenna says walking in. "We better not get a call from the school on your first day", mom shouts as we walk out the door.  We pull up at Amber's house and she comes running out with a huge smile on her face. "So who's ready for some shopping", she asks jumping in the car. "We know you are and I should tell you guys Max is coming with us", I say making Amber groan while Jenna smiles. As we pull up to the school I see that Max is already here along with Sam the future gamma and Zeke the next head warrior of our pack. Everyone turns their heads and starts staring as we get out of the car which I hate. "I hate this", I sat to no one in particular. "The guys stare cause they want us and the girls glare cause they wanna be us", Amber says enjoying the attention. "She's right look at it this way you've got the star player of the girls soccer team, the star basketball player and the captain of the cheer squad all arriving together", Jenna says with a shrug before opening her locker. "I hate it when your right", I say grabbing my books for first period. "Hello ladies", we hear an all to familiar voice say and sure enough when I shut my locker and turned around there stood the one guy I didn't wanna see this early. "What do you want Liam", I say with as much attitude as I can muster. "Relax Mia I only want to wish an early happy birthday and to tell you that I'm sorry but I won't be able to attend your party I have some princely duties to attend to", he says just before we here a low growl.  "Get away from my sister", Max growls as he, Sam and Zeke come walking this way. "Calm down Max I was just leaving and besides we both know you and your boys can't beat me I'm in a whole other league than even your alpha", Liam says smirking before walking away.  "I really hate that guy did he do anything to you girls", Max says worriedly. "No he just wished me happy birthday said he wasn't coming to my party and then you showed up", I tell him heading toward first period. "Okay good stay away from him he's a player Mia", max growls before walking away. "Well that was an interesting first hour", Jenna says as we walk into our first class of the day.  The rest of the day went by pretty fast before I knew it school had ended and we were at the mall trying on dresses. "So where did Max run off to", Amber asks coming out of the dressing room. "He went to find a gift for his mate he thinks it's someone in the pack though I don't know who he wouldn't tell me", I say stepping out of the dressing room in a simple black spaghetti strap dress that comes down to the knees. "You should totally get that it looks beautiful on you", Jenna says.  "Yeah agreed plus you can never go wrong with a little black dress", Amber adds. "What about you have you started feeling the pull towards anyone yet", Jenna asks as we head to the cashier. "No not yet I don't think he's in our pack I just hope I find him at the party", I say taking the change from the cashier. "I'm sure you will you know lots of guys will be there and have you seen yourself even the prince once a piece of you I'm sure your mate will be there", Jenna says making me feel slightly uncomfortable.  I was glad to see Max coming towards us," Hey Maxy you get what you came for", I ask trying to change the subject. "Yeah I did I think my mate will really like it I'll show when we get home what it is", he tells me as we wall walk towards the exit. "Remember what I said any guy would be lucky to have you I have a feeling you'll find your mate", Jenna says as Amber nods in agreement. After I decided it was best to just ride home with Max since Jenna needed to get home that way she just had to drop off one person instead of two. "Okay what did you get here", I ask max while walking into his room. "Knock first I could have been changing or something you know", He says with a smile. "Shut up and show me", I say picking up a pillow and throwing it at him. "What do you think it's what humans refer to as a promise ring", he says.  "It's beautiful bro I think she'll be one lucky girl but what are you gonna promise", I ask him staring down at the gold ring with small diamonds in the shape of a rose. "I know it sounds mushy but I'm gonna promise to love her with all my heart and I will replace the promise ring with an engagement ring", he states with a goofy smile on his face I can tell he's think about her. "Well bro she is one lucky girl", your gonna make a great mate and husband one day", I tell him and he grabs me in a hug. "Thanks, sis your mate is gonna be one lucky guy and if he hurts you in any way I'll kill him", he says letting me go. The rest of the week goes by quickly and before I know it Its Saturday tonight at midnight me and brother will shift for the first time. "Hurry and get ready we need to get outside now", Ariel says in my head. "Why what's going on is everything okay", I ask her. "Yes it's fine mate is here I feel him he's close by", She says as I finish fixing my hair. As soon as I was done I headed down to the party I saw my family standing with the Alpha and Luna on stage. Once they see me they motion me and my brother onto the stage to begin. "Attention everyone we are here today to celebrate the birthday of our packs beta twins I won't take up to much time because I know they are both waiting as patient as possible to meet their mates so I would just like to thank everyone for coming tonight and I encourage all of you to have a great time", I hear alpha say as I keep scanning the crowd looking for my mate.   "Ariel he's not in the crowd where is he", I ask her sniffing the air trying to catch his scent. "He's not at the party he's close by he's in the woods mate is in the woods", She shouts in my head after we finally pick up the scent of apple and cinnamon. "Max and Mia it has been a pleasure watching both of you grow up now go forth and find your mates", Alpha Richards says. I watch as Max jumps up and runs to my best friend Jenna and wraps her in his arms I smile at this knowing he will take of her. "Well that didn't take long I give you your next beta female Jenna Long and congrats you two", Alpha Richards says laughing. I start once again sniffing the air and as his scent hits my nose causing me to start running towards the woods. I hear my parents shouting for me to come back but I know he's out there. It doesn't take long for me to reach the clearing and what I see shocks the hell out of me. " Mate mate we found him", Ariel chants in my head I stand there shocked staring at none other than Evan Richards the Alpha's son. He starts walking towards me with that same signature smirk that he always had. That smirk was enough to make my legs feel weak. Once reaches me he leans down to my ear and says the one thing no wolf wants to hear. "I Evan Richards The next Alpha of the Black River Pack Reject you, Mia Daniels, as my mate and Luna don't tell anyone about this it's our little secret", he says coldly before walking away. I suddenly clutch my chest as a wave of pain hits me I hear Ariel howls in my head also in pain. After a few minutes that feel like hours of pain, we pull ourselves together and head back to the party knowing that later we will have to shift without our mate.   " Hey sis over here", I hear Max shout making me look over you said I'd and see he has an arm draped over Jenna. "Now I know why you said I'd be happy when I saw who your mate was", I tell him fighting my tears. "Hey girl you okay you look like you've been crying", Jenna says worry feeling her voice. "Who hurt you tell me now", Max growls his eyes turning black meaning Eli is on the surface. "Calm down know one hurt me I'm just sad I thought I found my mate but it turned out I didn't", I tell them before walking away. Later that night after everyone is gone I stand outside with my parents, brother, Jenna. Suddenly I feel my bones start to break and pain racks my body as I fall to the ground I scream in pain. Looking over I see Jenna comforting my brother as he lays on the ground I close my eyes wishing that this would all end. after about half an hour of extreme pain I look over and see a light grey wolf with green eyes standing where my brother was laying staring over at me I smile weakly at him. An hour has gone by and I'm still slowly shifting laying on the ground crying in pain. "Why is it taking so long her shift should have been over by now", my brother whimpers looking down out me with sadness in his eyes. "Ariel I know you're in pain and sad about our mate but please help me shift I can't take this pain much longer", I tell her through our bond. "I'll help I don't want us to die may be the goddess will bless us", she says weakly. After another hour of pain, I open my eyes and look down at my paws and see white fur covering them. I look up and see my family and Jenna staring at me in awe. "Oh honey you're beautiful", mom says crying.  "Your mom is right your wolf so cool I'm jealous your a solid white wolf their very rare and their rumor is their blessed by the goddess herself", max says with a smile on his face. "Not only that but the goddess also blessed them not only with beauty but also with a special gift but you won't it till it's time to use it", Jenna adds staring. "Oh this is so cool my best friend is a white wolf", she continues bouncing with excitement. "How do I shift back", I ask threw our family link. "Just think of your human form and you'll shift back it won't be as painful as before", dad says as he and Max turn around giving me privacy. I do as my dad says and it only takes a moment for me to shift back and I quickly put on my clothes. "Hey guys can we keep me being a white wolf a secret", I ask my family. "Of course princess but can I ask why", dad asks curiously. "I'm not really sure Ariel and I just have a feeling we should just for now", I say unsure why I have this feeling. "Oh and Jenna don't tell Amber either", I say walking off heading towards my room I'm exhausted. Around four in the morning I wake up to the feeling that my insides are on fire I can't help but scream in pain." Ariel what's going why are we in so much pain", as I cry out as another wave of pain hits us. "It's because of our mate he is with another", she whimpers out as my family comes running into the room. "Oh my baby what's happening to her", mom says running over to me grabbing me in a hug. "Sweetheart I'm gonna ask you a question all you have to do is nod okay", My dad says as I nod while I bite back a whimper. 'Okay princess does it feel like your insides are burning", he asks me and I knew right then that my father knew but nod yes anyways. "Honey what is it what's wrong with my baby", Mom asks with tears in her eyes. "Her mate is with someone else that's why she's in so much pain", my dad says making everyone gasp. "But that can't be right the only way she would feel it is if", my brother stops when realization hits him.  "Is if what's going on why is my best friend in so much pain", Jenna says crying. "The reason she had such a painful shift was because she lied you met your mate and he rejected you didn't he", my brother asks shaking with anger but I knew he wasn't angry with me. I couldn't say anything due to Evan and his alpha command so I just started crying again as mom and Jenna held me.

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