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  • The Luna and her Quadruplet Pups

    Jane Above Story


    “What’s wrong, Jane, can you not feel me?” Ethan demands, slɑmming his into mine so I feel sure he’ll leave a bruise. “Am I not giving you hard enough?” Still I don’t respond. All I can do is imagine him with Eve, kissing and making lóve to her, giving her all the things he used to give me. I can see their writhing bodies in my mind’s eye, tɑngling the sheets of the Alpha’s bdd. It makes me feel sick to my stomach to know my husband was with the other woman mere hours ago, how does he even have the energy to use me this way when Eve was pleasuring him all night long? *** My husband seeks nothing but to claim me as roughly and thoroughly as he possibly can - and remind me of my proper place. This is what I have to look forward to: a lifetime of pain… unless I finally do what I’ve been planning over the last few months, and ask Ethan for a divorce.I didn’t even know it was possible for an omega to leave an Alpha until recently. Legally, we have almost no rights, but I could request a divorce. Now it is the time. *** Ethan and Jane were childhood sweethearts. However, he is alpha and she is omega. It was almost impossible for them to be fated mate. Ethan did not give up but chose Jane to be his wife and luna. But Fate sure knows how to run with a bit. This young couple messes up their first marriage by lack of trust. Divorce is easy. But what about finding out you were pregnant after divorce?What if you had quadruplets?

  • Saving His Feral Mate

    S. Lexi


    *COMPLETED* *CURRENTLY BEING EDITED* #Dreame Writing Marathon - - Love Story Contest Chloe is an Omega who was raised by her mother, she doesn’t know who her father is. Her pack, The Desert Hill pack, treats her poorly, especially Alpha Cameron. Chloe’s mother made her promise to keep her wolf a secret from everyone. She said her wolf was special and that no one should ever see her. This was part of the reason why some of the pack tormented her, they thought she was weak and wolfless. Her mother also taught her how to be submissive so that no one would ever doubt that she was anything but an Omega. She would have left the pack years ago if it wasn’t for her mother. She couldn’t leave her behind and her mother was afraid to leave. On her 19th birthday, Chloe found out that her mate was Alpha Cameron, her biggest tormentor. He rejected Chloe on the spot, before killing her mother in front of her eyes. Something broke inside Chloe’s soul that day and her wolf, Tatiana, took over. She ran away from the pack and became a rogue. Her human side retreated to the back of her mind and she lived for years as a feral wolf, heart broken and alone. Alpha Knox, of the Volcano Pack is a strong and powerful Alpha. He’s a fair ruler and loved by his people. He’s been going out of his mind looking for his mate for the past 5 years. His parents have been pestering him to take a chosen mate for the sake of his Pack, but he refuses to settle for anyone but his fated mate. What will Knox do when he encounters a feral wolf, who happens to be his mate and she tries to kill him? Is Chloe too far gone for Knox to save her? *Mature content, violence, naughty language and sexy scenes. Trigger warning for some chapters will be at the top of the page.*

  • Rejected Revenge

    Jam Nicxx


    “I, Max Hayden, future Alpha of the Lunar Moon Pack, reject you Hope Trinity Holden as my mate and Luna...” When Hope got rejected by her mate Max Hayden, the soon-to-be Alpha of the Lunar Moon Pack who instantly rejected her the first time they learned that they are mates, she thought it was the end of the world for her. But that's what's she thought. After being kidnapped and beaten by Max's envious girlfriend Cheryl Smith, that's when she thought that it was really the end of the world for her, but again, that's what she thought. Thrown into the lake, bloodied and halfway through seeing death with everybody in the pack thinking that she's dead, a wealthy and vengeful werewolf took her in and she miraculously survive. Years passed and a lot has changed. She's stronger, hotter, and more powerful. And it's time for her to go back and stake a claim of what truly belongs to her with only one thing in mind; Revenge. The plan was almost perfect; accept Max's rejection and make them experience hell and back... but that's until a certain golden-eyed Alpha unexpectedly appeared with a mission himself, and that's to take what's his, and that goes with a name of Hope Trinity Holden.

  • The Alpha's Warrior Princess



    Completed... Under Editing... At seventeen years of age April Raine Storm was an honor student going into her senior year of high school and well on her way to living "the good life". She was an award-winning dancer, gymnast, and a world-renowned champion in the art of MMO fighting. What she wasn't was particularly popular. She was actually a quiet girl with a quick wit and a smarta** attitude who liked to read and mostly keep to herself. The reason for that was because she had a secret, one she has kept all her life. One that haunted her dreams and at times made her life a living h*ll. But all that would change when her parents decided to move her back to her Mom and Dad's hometown. There she would meet him. Alexander Maxim Moon. Alexander was the future Alpha of the Diamond Lake Pack in Wolf County, PA. A small town in upstate Pennsylvania where everyone pretty much knew everyone else. He was a good guy, a strong leader, well liked, and an honor student in school. His only issue was that he was, like many young Alpha's, a bit of a man-wh*re. So, when he agrees to help his Father with the move-in of his Father's best friend from childhood his world is turned upside-down when he finds the friend has a beautiful daughter he can't wait to hook-up with. Only she doesn't seem to be very impressed by him. At least at first. When the two do come together both their worlds come crashing down around them. It's up to them, their friends, and their families to put it all back together again. Can they? Will they? And if they do will anything be the same for either of them ever again? Come along with me on a fantasy filled with adventure, danger, intrigue, romance, fun, and... of course... love. Hi Readers! Dreame has a new promotion for writers called the Moon Ticket. It is how YOUR VOICE can be heard. You will see after chapters in a story where the writer will put in notes something like "Dear Readers, If you liked this episode please #vote# moon ticket." Clicking that hashtag will allow you to vote for your favorite stories. The more you vote the more Dreame pays attention and the writer will be rewarded. You'll see the hashtag in my messages as well but I encourage you to only vote on the stories, or for authors you absolutely love. It will boast that writers income and if they are putting up truly good stories they deserve that boast. Thank you for taking the time to read! I truly appreciate your support. Now go lose yourself in a good book! Even if it's not mine. Relax, and enjoy! ~Koeh ❤️ #DreameWritingMarathon-LoveStoryContest #DreameLoveStoryContest #SummerUpdateProgramme

  • The Half Blood Luna

    The Black Daisy


    Ella is a young omega servant, who has been abused by the alpha and beta of her pack for quite sometime. After they are killed, a new alpha takes over the pack and Ella tries to run away and start a new life for herself. However, fate does not allow her to escape into the human world, when she gets caught and taken back to the pack house to be punished by her new alpha for running away. Alpha Klaus is conflicted about punishing a girl who was obviously running away from something, or someone. Yet, he needed to set an example out of her to prove to his new pack that he is not to be crossed with. Dangerous secrets require alpha Klaus to keep Ella safe and protect her despite her apparent hatred of him. Will she ever be able to trust another alpha again? Will alpha Klaus ever open his heart to someone else after he lost his mate? TRIGGER WARNING: This book contains s****l and physical abuse, and torture that might be triggering to some of you. So if you can handle it, enjoy reading the story.

  • Forsaken by my Mate



    Sabrina "Bree" Morris has been waiting for her true mate to come into her life. She was thrilled to sense him at the Luna ceremony at Stone Moon, for her best friend Jade. But instead of claiming her, he just walked right past her, following his chosen Luna, a human, to the dance floor. He ignores her and instead stays with his chosen mate. After feeling the pain of betrayal later that night, she confronts her mate, Nico, the next morning, asking him to just please reject her. He refused to reject her, so Bree rejects Nico, and he refused to accept it. Bree is now in limbo as she is still bound to Nico, and has to deal with the pain of betrayal for months as he won't release her from their bond. Nico ignores her pain, as he needs to have an heir for his pack, as his chosen Luna hasn't been able to produce an heir in their 3-years together. His chosen mate, Shelby, has learned a lot in her years acting as Luna for Nico's pack, the Golden Summit., and she refuses to be replaced by his mate Sabrina. Shelby makes plans to permanently break them up, and she will do anything to keep them apart. Will she be able to break their bond that the Goddess put in place for them permanently? Or will the Goddess give Bree the man she deserves in the form of a second chance mate? This is the sequel to Rejected, my Jaded Love.

  • The Lycan King's Long Lost Princess



    R 18+ •Completed•GRAPHIC CONTENT• •TRIGGER WARNINGS• If you have anything NASTY to say in my comments.. please refrain from doing so. I read every single comment and some of them are just disgusting. BOOK 1 Genevieve was 8 when her parents were murdered by the Alpha of Blackstone Pack, Jaden. Unknowing of who she really is, thinking she was a servants child like many of the other children they took. He believes she’s a wolf. He’s always had a deep lust for her, he wants her to be his mate. They’re having a Full Moon Festival on her 18th birthday, to which he will claim her as his mate. He will kill her mate if she happens to find him that day. The lycan king, Hunter has been given word that somehow Alpha Jaden is connected to the murders of king Gerrick & his queen April. Which are Genevieves parents. Making her the lost lycan princess. Now Queen. What happens when she does find her mate? And he happens to be the richest and most powerful Lycan of them all? Will the Alpha risk his life & his pack over one girl?

Popular stories

  • The Alpha’s Secret Miracle



    Charlie Dawn Black is the daughter of Alpha Luther Black. At seventeen years of age she has spent her entire life sheltered by her father who doesn’t allow Charlie to date or socialize with any pack members other then his closest Elite. Charlie’s mother died giving birth to her and as a result her father kept her close not wanting to risk ever losing Charlie. But instead of protecting her he ended up smothering her instead. Charlie cannot wait for her eighteenth birthday which is quickly approaching. She cannot wait to finally meet her wolf and is hoping she will find her destined mate and he will take her away to his pack so she can finally be free of her fathers smothering. Little does she know that her wolf, and mates won’t be the only gifts she receives for her eighteenth birthday. Charlie’s life will soon be changed from a boring life stuck in her pack house over guarded to a life of power, lust and adventure. Which Alpha will be chosen to mate with Luther’s precious miracle?

  • Passionate mates



    Mature content; language, s*x, violence. Can be considered manipulative and dark by some readers. Kira, an innocent and protected girl. Jax, an overbearing, possessive Alpha. Kira and Jax meet, and their attraction is undeniable. But they aren't what the other one had expected in a mate. They are jealous and hot-headed, and they have to work around each other's mistakes to stay connected. How powerful is the will to forgive and forget? They soon learn that Kira has issues controlling her emotions, and she puts other people in danger. This also puts a strain on their relationship. She continuously strives to be the mate, and Luna Jax wants her to be, but at what cost? Kira and Jax have an intense relationship, where the lust for each other is always present. Come on to this journey with Kira and Jax, where they are both possessive and jealous, horny, and ready to set each other straight if needed. Excerpt: "You are mine. You became mine the moment we met, and you will never belong to any other but me," he said, taking slow steps towards me. I eyed him, unsure about him closing the distance between us. My wolf liked that he said we were his, and got a little excited. Her feelings were mixing with mine, and I had to work hard to separate them. "And I do expect you never to touch another male again. You're made solely for me, and I expect you to act thereafter," he said menacing, still coming closer. He was angry but calm, and I've heard that's the worst kind of anger. I backed up a bit, but he soon followed, and suddenly he closed the distance between us. He grabbed my neck just below my jaw, so I automatically had to tilt my head up to breathe. I flared my nostrils, not sure of what he would do. Wanna chat with me? Join "Author Sanna" on FB, or send me an e-mail: San.hau95@gmail.com ♡

  • Jaded Hearts (Book 2 of Blue Moon Series)

    Ambernique Leggett


    (Warning: Mature, 18+ only) Taylor has been hurt in the past. Really hurt. What happens when she, a simple human, is mated to Matt Stone, the Gamma of the Blue Moon Pack? Matt knows that she is the missing piece that he has been searching for but he has to first teach her about his life as a wolf, and all that goes into it before she can truly be his. When the shadows from her past come back to haunt her, will they be strong enough to overcome or will the darkness take them both?

  • Royally Desired



    Twelve years after the death of her best friend and also future alpha of Eclipse pack, Tiana Aldridge finds herself mated to his twin brother, Jordan Walker, but he doesn’t want her. Her pack hates her and everyone blames her for the death that happened twelve years ago. She grows up an outcast and Jordan wastes no time rejecting her, all her hopes of ever finding happiness come crashing. Tiana only has one wish; an opportunity to leave Eclipse pack for good. The former Alpha King passes on, and her alpha gladly gives her out in tribute to the king. What he doesn’t know is karma is coming back in the deadliest way he least expects. ** As the first Alpha Prince and also next in line to be king, Ryder Cadwalder is used to getting what he wants. He is surly, overly possessive, and outrightly arrogant. Past experience with his ex-mate taught him to have little trust for the opposite s*x and when he finds out he has a second chance mate, he takes no chances with her. His past still haunts him, but he must find a way to move on from it. Fate takes him to Eclipse pack, and as the Alpha prince tries to solve the riddle that has hunted the werewolf kingdom for years, secrets are being unraveled and truths unfolded. What happens when Eclipse pack is at the mercy of the alpha prince’s mate? Would Tiana forgive? Or would she have her revenge on those that caused her pain all her life?

New releases

  • Bad Sex: His uncle's mistress

    Elk EntertainmentCompleted


    *updates every day and back to Bad Sex* Alessa is sent by her fiancé to his Uncle Brian’s bed. Shocked and disgusted, she tries to escape but he doesn’t give up so easily… At the same time, Kevin, Alessa’s childhood sweetheart arrives out to save her from the abyss but soon the three of them are pulled into a whirlpool of power, money, love and desire. ******* Hi, my dear reader, my new book: His Spoiled Reborn Bride is coming, it's a sweet and romantic story, hope you like it, here is the blurb: The day Isabel ran away from her wedding had turned out to be her forever nightmare. Last previous, she was cheated by Noah, who lured her to leave her husband Howard and run away from the wedding, but later Noah showed his true color, he sent her into prison fas his scapegoat, finally she died in prison with endless hatred. God gave her another chance to reborn, she finally knew the one who really loved her only her husband Howard, this time she will spare no effort to cherish his love! *Daily update*

  • Let me Love You (Let me Love you Again Book 2)

    Sofia BlackUpdating


    They were all raised together, sons of brothers, best friends. They knew each other all their lives, they loved each other, but what did that mean? Axel, handsome, smart, with a secret that hasn’t been revealed yet, a secret that could change his life forever, a secret that could clear up that mess of conflicting feelings that he was just having, that made him feel bad because he felt f*****g wrong, wrong in feeling what he felt for HER. She was always present in his life, he called her cousin because he thought she was, but she was? Was it possible to have such strong feelings for someone who was connected to you by blood? But was she? And yet, she was the only person who helped him, the only person who got him out of his crisis, who calmed his head when he started thinking too much, creating the chaos that kept him awake. Emma was his sleeping pill, his tranquility, his peace, and the heartbeat that made his heart live. And then there was Megan, sweet little Megan. That woman who had always been there, who had always been there for him, that person who had forced her way into his heart and knew that without her he would not move on, and maybe she was the right pill to get over Emma, so he could step up and really see how wrong his feelings were. Maybe she was the right person for him. But Megan was chaos, disorder, madness, and inability to control and he did not like to lose control, he wanted order, order that only Emma had ever managed to give him. Ali a mind first of all, away from the heart, away from pain. She never let her feelings control her, she didn’t want to get hurt, and she never would let anyone get inside that part of her and hurt her. But there was him, there was Miles, there had always been only him, and he had tried so hard that by now she had become accustomed to his presence, to have him in her bed, but what would have happened if Miles had found something better? Someone who could give him what Ali never did in all those years? Would Alison have understood how important he really was to him or let him fly away from her? Liam had eyes always and only for one person, but that person never looked at him, her attention was focused on someone else, and Liam had done nothing but remain silent, let that love consume him silently until he met her, Ellen. She was everything a man could want in a woman, everything he wanted to have, she consumed him, destroyed him, used him, turned him around in her hands, sucking every single thing inside him, turning him completely into another person, darker, darker, until the one that made him did not disappear completely at the mercy of his hands. But what would have happened if that love, that little flash of light had returned when he least expected it? If he had awakened in him that something he thought was lost forever? Who would have chosen Liam? The beautiful and gloomy that would probably lead him to destruction, or that childish love that brought him joy and peace in his heart and soul? ************* This is Let Me Love You, the following story of Let Me Love You Again!

  • Sinful Temptation



    "Where will you hide, doll?" His deep raspy voice resonated in an empty dark classroom. Her heart thudded in her ears. Her feet involuntarily moved back, shoulders shrinking in fear as he took threatening steps toward her like a predator. "N-no..." She stuttered, chin-wobbling lips trembling. The certainty of her being alone in the presence of this beast-like man had her legs going jello. Emma was scared. So damn scared. "You can\'t deny me, Belle. I\'m your mate. You\'re f*****g mine!" He growled lowly. *** Naive girl✅ Alpha male ✅ Erotica✅ Hot Romance✅ Student and Teacher✅ Werewolf ✅ Warning ⚠️ 18+

Rising stories

  • Conquered By the Dragon (Welsh Dragon Book 3)

    Emma MountfordCompleted


    She doesn’t remember who I am, And the fact kills me a little each time I see her. But I’ve got Amelia, my wife, my mate and my love back in my life and I am adamant I will make her love me again. Even if she thinks I’m her boss. Sooner or later she will succumb and remember I’m boss in the bedroom and not just the office. After all how hard can it be? I’ve made her fall in love with me once before already.




    Chloe was the second daughter of the Bishop family, she was the girl who had it all breathtaking looks, a foster father who loved her as much as his own biological daughter, and a fiance who was handsome and rich. But nothing was perfect in this world. It turned out she also had a foster mother and sister who could ruin everything she had. The night before the engagement party, her foster mother drugged her and plotted to send her to hooligans. Fortunately, Chloe went to the wrong room and spent a night with a stranger. It turned out that man was the CEO of America's top multinational group, who was only 29 but on the Forbes List. After having a one-night stand with her, he proposed, "Marry me, I will help you to take revenge."

  • MY VEGAS GROOM (The Greene Family #3)

    PIPER RAYNE Completed


    ***NOW A USA TODAY BESTSELLER*** Waking up next to a stranger wearing a wedding ring was not on the itinerary. I came to Las Vegas for a quick girl’s trip, but somehow ended up a married woman. What I thought would stay in Vegas followed me back to my small town of Sunrise Bay, Alaska. Of course, my new husband—MMA champion fighter, Logan Stone—couldn’t find me alone at my house to tell me he wants to give our impromptu nuptials a shot. He has to tell me in front of my entire family and half the town. The two of us couldn’t be more opposite, but he offers me a deal I can’t refuse which involves me pretending we’re happily married for three months. Yeah, a lot of things can change in that short amount of time, most importantly catching feelings for a man whose lifestyle I despise.

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