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  • The Gold Queen (Prequel)

    The Gold Queen (Prequel)



    This book is not 195 chapters. Dreame has combined The Gold Queen and The Ivory Queen for your reading convenience. The Gold Queen ends after Bonus Chapter: Dia de Los Muertos (chapter 71) Before there was an Ivory Queen, the Gold Queen sat on the throne… In an attempt to protect her people, Princess Sofia Reyes accepts a marriage proposal to the neighboring Prince and known playboy, Julian Bolivar. On the night of her 18th birthday, Sofia runs into Mateo Altamirano, a gifted but stubborn future Alpha, and her fated mate. Forced to share the same roof, sparks and bonds become harder to ignore. But the threats to her kingdom as still very real and after finding out they are the Fated pair meant to bring forth the Ivory Twins, Sofia and Mateo must make a decision: be together and cause destruction or separate and save their Kingdom. Will Sofia choose her Prince and save her people or will she choose her Mate and doom them all? ***Edited by Tanina Alvaro

  • Wolfbane


    Celia Hart


    JASMINE I always follow the rules, especially the one to never ever date anyone who isn’t your mate. But then I meet the mysterious future alpha, and suddenly, I am thinking about doing unthinkable, immoral things with a very sexy man who is completely off limits. That is—until my first crush reappears. Now I’m torn deciding between two hot, muscular werewolves, and life has gotten complicated. . . They didn’t write a rule book about this! BLAKE Darkness—that’s my life after the battle that changes everything. Now I’m back to assume the alpha title and I meet her. She’s so warm, and my icy exterior is finally beginning to melt. I know she’s not for me, and he’s my best friend, but. . . LUKE I totally messed up. We all know we’re not supposed to date anyone who isn’t our mate. It just makes things messy. And messy is the situation I got myself into. But hey, that’s a part of growing up and taking responsibility—cleaning up messes. It’s okay, I can handle it. I think. . . *Content warning: As with many paranormal romance novels, this book contains mature adult content, offensive language, and some graphic violence, and may not be suitable for young readers.*

  • Rejected, but not Broken

    Rejected, but not Broken



    Gabrielle Emerson has had a hard life. Her parents are Omegas, and she has been bullied her whole life. She has been picked on and assaulted a lot worse in the last 2 years. So much abuse that she was thought to be wolfless because she didn't get her wolf at 16. Gabi made plans to leave her pack with her parents, due to her ex-boyfriend threatening and stalking her after she broke up with him after catching him betraying her. During the worst week of her life, she finds out that the soon-to-be Alpha, Derek Stryker, is her mate, and he immediately rejects her as his mate, because he had brought his chosen mate to introduce her to the pack. Assaulted and almost r***d by her psycho ex-boyfriend, Gabi is set to leave the pack with her parents when the unthinkable happens. Gabi ends up leaving the pack and finishing out her school year at a new school and in a new pack. Gabi's journey is difficult when her own family, is not who she thought they would be. What will happen when she is forced to go back to her old pack after a six-month absence to help with their training. Will she continue to be bullied and hurt? Or will she have moved on to become someone that they can no longer hurt?

  • Crossing Paths with the White Wolf

    Crossing Paths with the White Wolf

    Emm E. Goshald


    Book 2 of the Aztec Mates Series Sequel to Alpha Markus #Dreame Writing Marathon -- Love Story Contest Helios, defeated and on a path of redemption, has spent the past year trying to find a way to earn his sister's forgiveness. When he finds himself in front of the white wolf, his life spins out of control and into the very world he once fought against. Natalia is the white wolf. She has closed herself to the outside world, but when she has to leave her sanctuary to save a friend in trouble. She stumbles into something that's so much bigger than she anticipated. They must work together to solve each other's problems and learn to traverse their new realities together.

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The Alphas Choice
His Sunshine Baby
Billionaire’s Secret Wife
The Witch's Temptation
Fated to the Promised Alpha
Dimitri's Wrath
His Priceless Blind Wife
  • The Alphas Choice



    Alexis is a human with a bit of a messed up past. Her father left her and her mother with nothing. They move from the city to a small town, away from alexiss abusive ex boyfriend. That is where she meets Lucas. Future Alpha of the blue moon pack. He knows she is his fated mate but is not too keen on the idea of having a human as a mate. He starts to fall for her and that is when he meets Mia, A beautiful she wolf, an alphas daughter from another pack, he feels the fated mate connection with Mia as well. The moon goddess gives him a choice between the 2. Who will he choose?

  • His Sunshine Baby

    Jenny Fox


    As a fighter of her Clan, Elena was the strongest. But she had no family, no dreams, and she had given up on love long ago. Being her enemy’s secret lover for one night seemed without consequences. Nathaniel Black would never love her, so she expected nothing from him. But what if one night led to many others? What if she started falling for him anyway? Should she suppress those feelings? Or could she try hoping for more one last time? But when events take an unexpected turn, Elena has no choice but to run away, carrying her secret. But he might not be as ready to let her go as he thought…

  • Billionaire’s Secret Wife

    Deena Yavovestka


    “If there’s nothing else you want to talk to me about, then you can get off work now.” “But Mr McCarthy...” “Shh... Don’t forget that when we’re in the company, you’re just my employee and I’m just your boss.” “Of course, I remember that, Mr McCarthy. It’s just... ” With that, Gillian put on a naughty smile and pulled Steven’s tie towards herself. Then she leaned towards his neck and whispered to his ears in a coquettish voice, “I seemed to have left a hickey on your neck when you were making love to me like crazy half an hour ago. And you might want to cover it up so that others won’t notice it, HONEY.” Hearing that, Steven was speechless. Yet, looking at Gillian, who was biting her lips and stripping off her clothes, he was turned on again... ......................................................................................................................................... Gillian’s boyfriend cheated on her with her stepsister, and they even got married behind her back, which enraged Gillian. Then Gillian asked Steven, who was dumped by his girlfriend, “Since we’re both dumped by our partners, why don’t we get married to get back at those jerks?” “Deal!” Steven replied without hesitation, wanting to punish his ex-girlfriend. After they got married, they pretended to be a lovely couple in front of their family members. Meanwhile, Steven happened to be Gillian’s boss. They cooperated perfectly and got divorced a year later when the deal was off. However, it was not until they finished the divorcing procedure that Steven realized that he was in love with Gillian. Therefore, he tried every means to win Gillian’s heart.

  • The Witch's Temptation

    Rory McCauley-Hayman


    Clover Harrison is a rare, triple affinity witch. After refusing an arranged marriage from her family, she went to Oregon to run her great aunt's potion shop and teahouse. There's a fearsome beast that all seers see in her future and Clover is driven to live her life to its fullest before she encounters the beast. Stanton Bruinwald is looking for his Ursa, the woman who will help him run his sleuth. Even though he's starting his search for her a year or two before most Alpha bears do, he feels the time is right. All he needs is some direction. Old friends and new come together in the third book of the T wisted Design Series.

  • Fated to the Promised Alpha



    Love hits Charlie when she least expects it, but falling in love is never so simple. **WARNING ~~ SMUTTY ROMANCE NOVEL and LOVE TRIANGLE with some KICK ASS ACTION and PLOT TWISTS AHEAD** Being the Beta's daughter comes with its benefits; growing up strong, training with other packs, a future as a warrior set in stone. However, it does have its drawbacks, like having to attend special events. It's been a long time since Charlie's been home to the Red Moon pack, university and training has kept her away. Now her father has called her back for the new Luna's introduction party and it's time to see old friends. When a delicious scent pulls her gaze at the evening party and darkened eyes meet across the room, what hard choices will lie ahead for Charlie, given those sinful eyes belong to the promised Alpha himself.

  • Dimitri's Wrath



    ***Sequel To My Brothers Mate*** Dimitri Vasquez is every girls dream. He's handsome, smart, incredibly rich and he's the future alpha of the Dark Shadows pack, he's also a very loveable and compassionate young man with a particular soft spot for the women in his life including his mother, sisters and grandmothers but at the end of the day he's still his father's son and just like Cole, Dimitri has also got an anger problem and a darkness deep within him that nobody is prepared to mess with once he's tapped into it. Dimitri is living a perfect life and is excited for the day that he gets to meet his mate and take over his parents as the alpha of his pack alongside his brothers but his perfect life is about to be turned upside down when during a family vacation to Hawaii, Dimitri's younger sister Isabella is kidnapped by the alpha of the Red Claw pack who is obsessed with her and he finds more than he expected when he goes to save her. There's nothing more important to Dimitri than his family and when you mess with his family then you should consider yourself a marked man or woman because he won't stop until you're dead, he also has a strong hatred for those who harm women and children so how will he react when he finds his mate in a cell with his sister and discovers what she's been put through by her pack? will he let things slide like Nina wants? or will he fight to get revenge for his mate and sister?. The Red Claw pack needs to watch out because they're about to start a war against some of the strongest packs in the world including the Royal pack and the Dark Shadows pack but worst of all they're about to meet Dimitri's wrath, I hope they're ready. You don't necessarily have to read My Brothers Mate first to understand this one but it'd help if you did.

  • His Priceless Blind Wife

    Amber Meleiya 7


    “I want a divorce.” Lola stared blankly in the air. Blake looked at her in shock. “Lola, stop this nonsense.” "What? Do you think that because I'm blind so I cannot leave you?" Lola snorted, “All these years, you took me to the hospital to have my blood drawn. I thought that you were doing this for my health. I thought you loved me! And I just found out that my blood was actually transfused to your ex-girlfriend!!!!" Blake felt a twinge in his heart when he saw her pained face, he averted his gaze even though he knew that she couldn't see him. "So what? You should feel honored to give your blood to Dani! " ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A car accident left Lola blind and bereft of her family. When she was in despair, Blake appeared in her life. She trusted him and married him without hesitation. But three years later when she found out that he was actually a liar and had been taking advantage of her, she asked for a divorce. Though Blake signed the divorce agreement, he was confident that Lola would regret it and come back to him one day.

New releases

  • The human girl and her sexy Alpha mate

    The human girl and her sexy Alpha mate

    Kylie AnnOngoing


    Creed is one of the most powerful, Alphas in the world. At just 24 years old he has built an empire and made lots of enemies. He is the Alpha of the midnight moon pack. Who still hasn't found his mate/ luna yet. Since Creed is already a 24-year-old male and an Alpha who is still mateless. His pack wants him to take a female from the pack and claim her as his mate/luna. The pack feels that an Alpha is stronger when they have a luna to help guide them. But Creed wants to wait for a little while longer, he feels like his mate might not be of age yet, and he doesn't want to miss out on her, whoever she is. He also feels he has done fine without his mate so far. As he is feared by many and has conquered and taken control of so many packs, on his own already. The midnight moon pack is one of the largest packs in the world, and one of the most feared, also. Echo is an 18-year-old high school graduate and soon to be a college student, where she and her best friend Taya have decided to run off to California to attend college, and live a high life, while there. They are moving from a small town in Montana to California. They both hope to forget about their past while attending college there and escape from the reality, which is their old lives. Both girls are single and hope that their old lives don't catch up with them. Echo just wants to escape from an abusive relationship with her now ex-boyfriend Devin and put her parent's and little brothers' death behind her. Echo is hoping by changing her phone number and moving away from Devin, and her family home. That this will truly be, the fresh start that she is looking for. Will she be free from Devin forever? You will have to read and find out. But one thing Echo didn't know is, what fate would have in store for her once she arrive in California. Especially one that no one saw coming, not her or her mate. This leaves everyone shocked and some are even rendered speechless... Watch and find out how Echo, and Creeds' story unfolds. And even you will be speechless when you do!

  • Layla's Lovers

    Layla's Lovers

    Veronika A.Ongoing


    *Please see bottom for TW! **This is the second book of the Return to Magic series! If you want to start with the 2 part first book look up: Charlie & Her Alpha Everything is going smoothly in life for Jax. He took over his fathers pack and rebuilt it entirely. The only thing he was still missing was his Luna, but he had time to wait. The last thing he expected was for his bosses daughter to show up to birthday party and make him fall head over heels. Catch was- she wasn't a wolf so the insta-love of a mate bond didn't exist for her. Oh, and she HATES the idea of ever being a Luna. Alpha Jaxon now has two new missions to accomplish- make her realize that they are fated mates and convince her that being his Luna is the best thing for her... Or they are both doomed to the insanity of a broken bond. Last thing he wants is to ever end up like his father. Can Jax win her over? Will another take her from him before he ever gets to feel her love in return? Can Layla ever be happy as a Luna and not an Alpha? ***This is a multiple mates story with LGBTQ+ characters- if either of those are issues for you please do not read! TW: Aggressive and graphic s****l content, some violence *these will be updated as the story evolves!

  • Satan’s Hostage Wife

    Satan’s Hostage Wife



    "AAhhh... You are so tight." Joshua groaned in ecstasy. "Ah! Harder... Keep doing that...Please." I asked him shamelessly. ... Beep, beep, beep I woke up in a cold sweat, panting. Dear God, what was that? It had been three years since that horrible night when I lost my vrginity, and two years since the last time I dreamt about it. What does it mean? I haven't thought about that demon in years. And I was surely not thinking about him now! Was I going crazy? Was this the effect of overworking myself? ************* Charlotte’s world was a total mess since she was forced to marry that demonic man. “You are mine even though you are just a hostage! YOU BELONG TO ME!” His cold voice kept haunting her. Satan’s love was almost unbearable, and Charlotte decided to leave this demon. But Joshua held her tightly in a very possessive embrace. “You can go nowhere after stealing my heart!”

Rising stories

  • Hating Hades

    Hating Hades

    Kim WernerFinished


    I could feel his presence—I could feel it in the wind that brushed my face as I ran, feel it in the silence that had seeped into the world around us. It was almost as if everything had died, had gotten so far removed from reality that they didn’t know what was happening—that they didn’t know he was out here, hunting me down. All along, I had known that this day would come, that it was inevitable. But I had never expected it to be so soon. Perhaps a few years down the line. But not today… All at once, I felt the fight leave my body, and I stopped running, because I knew that it was pointless. If he had wanted to catch me, then he would of. He was toying with me. And I didn’t want to play along. ​“Show yourself.” No sooner had the words left my mouth, that I felt a presence behind me, and I closed my eyes, finding that I wasn’t ready to see him again—I wouldn’t ever actually be ready to see him. I closed my eyes, trying my best to keep my emotions as steady as I could in this situation. ​“You’re behind me… Aren’t you?” ​“Actually, I’m in front of you.”



    Deepika SrinivasFinished


    Well,I got rejected by my mate. I fell in love with a Beta. Fell so deep that I thought I finally found my happy ending. But he already had a mate and he only wanted a kid with me. I hit my heat and got pregnant with him. I delivered his child the same day I killed him. I lost my trust in men and love in general. Happy endings were a myth. I thought that was it. I became the Beta. I have a son. I have a pack who looks out for me. But everything turned upside down when I saw him. His intoxicating scent made it s****m clear that he is my mate. Not just my mate but the Alpha of another pack. SEQUEL TO BETA'S CHOSEN!

  • An Alpha King's Revenge

    An Alpha King's Revenge



    “Think very hard about what would be smartest right now. Lying or the truth,” I said before he got to say he didn’t know anything. I was going to find Connor. Someone had to know where he was, and even if I had to travel the world to punish all those who wanted to get rid of me, then so be it. I would gladly show who was the ruler here if they needed me to, but I knew once word spread around that I was hunting down the traitors, people would soon fall in line. They couldn’t help themselves. “Well?” I said. Julian seemed close to snapping, and I knew it was just a matter of time before … Suddenly Julian went for the gun, grabbing it and pointing it at me. I just smiled and leaned back in my seat, and the others didn’t move either, as the other alpha stood up and kept pointing the gun at me. “He will bring a better world,” Julian said. “He will get us all killed. The humans will never accept us. They can’t handle it.” “We will kill them!” he said. I shook my head. “Maybe there was a time when we could overpower them. The thing is they have evolved. They no longer use swords and spears. Now it is guns and missiles. We simply cannot win,” I said. “And that right there is why no one will ever follow you! You are weak!” he told me. “Well, if I am so weak, what are you waiting for?” I asked. “Pull the trigger.” Chris is dead, Kate is gone, Hope has been k*dnapped, Phoenix lost his mind, and Octavia and Valerio are both trying to fight for what is theirs. Their whole world seems to have gone completely off the rails, but none of them are willing to give up. They can't do that now that they must avenge one of their own. Connor has to die, and The Dark Soldiers must be overpowered. This war is coming to an end, but will our heroes be able to get out of it safely? Or are we going to lose more? #Dreame Writing Marathon--Love Story Contest *Book Twelve* Recommended to first read: A Bite From An Alpha King, A Beta's Undying Love, A Second Chance Mate, A Luna's Broken Heart, An Alpha's Choice, An Alpha's Dark Secret, A Luna's Power, An Alpha's Favor, A Beta's Half-Blood, A Spiritual's Mark and A Queen's Dark Prison

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