Story By MsShinyShaeee


Hi, this is Shayhen! I hope you\'ll love my soon-to-be published stories, hehe. I\'m just starting my first story, but I can\'t promise that I\'ll always update some chapters. That\'s all, I guess. Thank you!
Achievements Within Tomorrow
Updated at Jun 2, 2023, 05:12
She found a guy told her she was a star, she loved him, she protected him, but in the end he chose to go away. Years have passed, but she's still waiting for him to come back, she still doesn't lose hope, she can wait even if the man who made her feel happy comes back a long time ago, she always wonders if she is loved too? Will he ever come back? Will he wait any longer? Time has come, she's tired of chasing him, so it's time for her to love herself, it's time to move on, but time flies so fast, her mind won't stop thinking about him. Not until one day, he come back, but she pretended not to care, the world turned upside down, he was now the one who's chasing her. But... will she ever forgive and accept him?